Holiday Gifts

Need some ideas on creative Christmas gifts? The podcast from Aydia Lancaster and Emory York offers some ideas.


Aydia Lancaster and Emory York, EagleAir Podcasts

[MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Jack Frost nipping at your nose. So I’m offering this simple phrase.

Hey guys, it’s Aydia Lancaster.

And Emory York. On this episode of EagelAir Podcast, we will be talking about the perfect Christmas gift for someone special in your life.

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to give a great present.

You can start off with something you know they will like or need.

Candles, jewelry, sweet treats, and small things are all great if you’re shopping for a friend.

Jim Middleton, the tennis coach here at the Nixa High School, tells us about how he shops for loved ones.


(SINGING) Although it’s been said many times, many ways, merry Christmas to you.

So how do you shop for people that are important to you during Christmas time?

Well, I think, ultimately, if it’s somebody that’s in your inner circle that you care about, that you love, obviously, you figure out what their likes and dislikes are, and you’re going to, obviously, gravitate to the likes out of that. But having said that over the years, it’s the creativity that’s involved.

And that’s some of the things that I’ve done recently. It’s like I’ll start the “12 Days of Christmas,” and starting the 12th day before I’ll give a gift, and she gets it. My wife, “she,” gets it that day, 12 days before. And each day thereafter, right? I try to make a theme out of it, that she’s going to have leading up to the actual day of Christmas itself.

We also talked to Logan Hughes, the baseball coach here at Nixa.


What do you get your boys for Christmas? What’s something that you’ve gotten them this year, or have you?

Yeah, we just took a trip to Colorado. It was just kind of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but our oldest one is old enough to enjoy it. So we took him to a Denver Broncos game, football game, and splurged a little bit because it’s his first one ever and we don’t know when we’ll go again. But we sat way down in the front, and he got to high 5 several of the players, and former players, and Hall of Famers. And so, that was a lot of fun.

We hoped this has helped you come up with some good gifts this year.

Happy holidays. We hope you enjoy your break.

For EagleAir Podcast, this is Aydia Lancaster.

And Emory York.