Cats vs. Dogs


Maddilyn Gray, Contributing Reporter


MADDILYN GRAY: Hey, everybody. This is Maddilyn Gray with Eagle Air Radio. Thanks for listening today. It has become very common in today’s society for people to own pets. They believe they are good attribute to their household and family and cannot imagine life without them. With so many pets to choose from, two still stand higher than the rest when it comes to popularity. These being cats and dogs.

And within these two pets, an ongoing discussion has taken place about which animal makes the better pet. I talked to a couple of local pet owners about their pets and what side they take on this rivalry. First, I talked to a freshman, Alexis Grady, about her pet dog.


What’s the name, breed of your pet?

ALEXIS GRADY: My dog’s name is Haas. He’s a Yorkie-wiener dog mix.

MADDILYN GRAY: How does your pet help you in your day-to-day life or in long term?

ALEXIS GRADY: Well, he is old. So he just sits with me and whenever I’m sick or something. So, yeah.

MADDILYN GRAY: What is your favorite thing about your pet or having a pet?

ALEXIS GRADY: My favorite thing about having one is that you never get bored in the house. They’re always doing something entertaining or funny.

MADDILYN GRAY: So what is your opinion on cats?

ALEXIS GRADY: I don’t really like them. [LAUGHS] I just don’t find them nice or anything.

MADDILYN GRAY: Why are dogs better than cats?

ALEXIS GRADY: Because they are caring animals, and they protect– or protect you better.

MADDILYN GRAY: Why do you think that there should be more dog owners and that everyone should have a dog?

ALEXIS GRADY: Well, dogs can be really, really calming to people. And if you have anxiety or something, they can calm you down.

MADDILYN GRAY: Grady says she has never had a cat but doesn’t think she wants one after what she’s heard other people say.

ALEXIS GRADY: I’ve heard people scratch– or the cats scratch them a lot and always hurt them or something or very vicious.

MADDILYN GRAY: Then I talked to sophomore, Rylee Eng, about her pet cat.


And then what is the name of your pet?

RYLEE ENG: His name is Jackson.

MADDILYN GRAY: Does your pet help you in your day-to-day life or in long term?

RYLEE ENG: Well, sometimes he’ll just jump up onto my bed when I let him out of his room. And he’ll cuddle my blankets right next to me, and it’s super cute. So my favorite thing about my pet is that he has a unique personality. He doesn’t really act like a cat but like a cat at the same time. You would think he’s like a little toddler slash dog trapped inside a cat’s body.

Well, I had a cat before him. But long story short, my dad was bringing home his skid steer, and there turned out to be a bunch of baby kittens in there. And we rescued all of them. But he was the weakest, so we kept him and released the other ones out at our land.

Cats are better than dogs because you don’t have as many responsibilities as a dog would. You would have to take the dog on for a walk so it can get exercised. You’d have to take it out to go to the bathroom. Everyone should have a cat because they are the main source of entertainment. And I feel like– just everybody needs like a cat because they’re just a ball of fun, especially when they have a bold personality.


MADDILYN GRAY: Thank you, Rylee Eng and Alexis Grady, for joining me and telling me your side on the cats and dogs rivalry. The music used in today’s podcast is from Thank you for listening to Eagle Air Radio, and I hope you have a great day. Bye.