Foreign languages: Spanish and French clubs bond while exploring international cultures

Paige Reese, Staff Writer

With Spanish Club having nearly 60 students in it, and French Club having only a handful of 10, Spanish and French club are the only foreign language clubs that are currently being offered. Spanish club meets every month, on a Tuesday, after school. The club celebrates Spanish holidays, goes on field trips, community service, and a bunch of other fun activities.
“We just have fun,” Ashley Dense, Spanish teacher said.
Anyone can join Spanish Club for a fee of $5, however when there are field trips it is a must to be enrolled in one of the Spanish classes in order to participate.
“I really like Spanish and would like to minor in it in college, and I think that Spanish club will really help me with that.” Sophomore, Anna Baker said. Spanish Club is not only fun but is also educational.
The other foreign language club is French club. They meet after school, every Monday. Anyone is welcome, and there are no membership fees. French Club does numerous activities like movie nights, playing games, speaking French, and experiencing French culture.
“We learn and have fun,” Nora Vansant, the French teacher said. The club doesn’t have any field trips at this time but Vansant is hoping to add this to French Club’s activities.
Sophomore Mallory Grant said the club helps her find joy in learning while having fun with her peers.
“I’m so happy that I joined French Club because I have met so many amazing people and became friends with so many different people that I never thought that I would be friends with,” Grant said.