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Kitchen manager Kari Smith serves lunch to sophomore and SNAC member Claire Newberry. “Nutrition is very key for a student throughout the day for learning and alertness and study,” Smith said.

Hungry for Options?

February 27, 2024

Among the many clubs that meet at Nixa High School, the School Nutrition Advisory Committee SNAC is unique in how it allows students to make an impact at school. SNAC gives students an important role in...

 “Band is looking at bringing in a class called instrumental techniques. Thats very specific to their program,” Junior Counselor Todd Mincks said.

New Classes on Horizon

Jack Edwards, Staff Writer February 27, 2024

With the end of this school year approaching, Nixa High School students may already be thinking of what classes to take next year. Luckily, there are many choices as well as some new additions or changes...

To see Megan Waddells work, contact her or book an appointment, search hairbymeg417 on Instagram.

Alternative Routes

Maddie McCrea and Deliliah Neff February 27, 2024

As spring approaches, seniors all over are faced with finding a solid answer to the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Picking from a large pool of careers can be a daunting task,...

Lost in the Crowd

Lost in the Crowd

Kadence Darrah, Staff Writer February 27, 2024

Switching schools can bring a feeling of disconnection that can be difficult to overcome. It may be hard for a new student to ease out of the feeling of isolation. Nixa High School freshman counselor,...

Tomorrow’s Educators

Glennis Woosley, Wingspan Staff Writer February 27, 2024

Students at Nixa High School have a wide range of class or club options. For many, different clubs or classes available can help students towards their future careers. For instance, students who are interested...

Prepping for Prom

Kaitlyn Witts, Design Editor February 27, 2024

Prom holds many connotations, and in modern media it is often portrayed as one of the biggest nights in a teenager’s life. While having the best date and planning a stunning outfit may be concerns of...

Student Businesses

Student Businesses

Wingspan Staff, Reporter February 27, 2024

STORY BY: Anatoliy Burac & Nikolai Palomo Staff writers Select students at Nixa High School have become successful business owners while being full-time students. Passion for their business is the...

Custodian Heidi Palmer does a variety of different jobs in order to provide a clean environment for students to learn in.

Unsung Heroes

Mira Weiss, Wingspan Staff Writer February 27, 2024

Custodians are an integral part of a school’s ability to function. They play an indispensable role in the daily life of everyone at Nixa High School. Head custodian Abigail Aguirre has more responsibilities...

FCA club offers faith-based focus

Max Gredell, Contributing Writer January 24, 2024

Nixa’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes club is a way for students to get closer to each other and with God. They meet weekly and sometimes even feature guest speakers. Cross Country and Track Coach...

Nixa is growing like crazy, but somehow we still manage to feel like a small town in ways that count, and thats especially evident at Christmas; This community is filled with kind people who truly care about one another, Desi Howell, social media manager for Chance of Sno said.

Bright Nights

Addison Eden, Staff Writer December 14, 2023

It is a dark winter evening with patches of melted snow scattered among the ground and the only light to be seen is the glow of hundreds of rainbow bulbs strung together. Christmas is approaching, and...

Caught in the current

Caught in the current

Kyleigh Nielsen, Illustrator December 14, 2023
Divorce can be a difficult thing to imagine having to experience. Mincks said going through a divorce in a family can change the meaning of “normal” for someone.
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