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Spinning and Winning

Spinning and Winning

Kaitlyn Witts, Reporter April 16, 2021

As the school year comes to a close for students at Nixa High School, so does the Winterguard season.     John Sullivan is the director of the two-color guard teams at NHS and other teams statewide.    "I...

Stress Within the Stars

Stress Within the Stars

Photographer: Avery FitzSimmons. This image is of a rare blood moon in a haze of fog before sundown.
Avery FitzSimmons, Multi-Media Editor April 16, 2021

   Astrology is a pseudoscience dealing with stars, locations of plants, and how they affect each person. While not scientifically proven, this topic's popularity has been around for thousands of years,...

Alyssa Ferris sees in focus

New Nixa Teachers

Kaitlyn Witts, Staff Writer March 25, 2021

 This school year Nixa High School has had multiple new teachers, including Alyssa Ferris, art foundations and photography teacher, and Dr. Theodor Jordan, the chemistry teacher.     “... Everyone...

Georgia City cemetery is a perfect place for October frights.


Photo by Avery FitzSimmons
Avery FitzSimmons, Multi-Media Editor March 2, 2021

 In the Nixa high school there are many English classes, one of which is mythology. Mythology is the study of myth and a collection of myths, especially one belonging to a particular religious or cultural...

AP Research Projects

AP Research Projects

Student researches at the Nixa Highschool
Hailey Webster, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

  One of the many classes Nixa High School offers is AP research. Most of the students in AP research have started their physical research within these last couple of months. At the beginning of the...

Joining for justice

The Racial Justice Alliance is formed to act against racial injustice.
Zachary Street, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

Students at NHS have recently founded the Racial Justice Alliance to try to promote a safer and bias-free environment at the school. Recently some students have been tearing down signs and flyers with...

What to do During Spring Break

Kaitlyn Witts and Addison Eden, Staff Writers March 1, 2021

As spring break draws nearer, so does a “slump” for those who are not traveling out of town. It can be hard to find entertaining activities that can spice up their everyday environment. Local adventures...

The writing center is open in room 241 during STAR and after school until 3:00.

The Write Way

Braden Dennis, Photo Editor March 1, 2021

If you’ve ever struggled with writing an essay or drafting a thesis, or want feedback on any form of writing whether assignment or personal hobby, NHS has an option. Rachel Lechner, sponsor of the writing...

Chamber choir students Morgan Greene, Rosalyn Schuster and Michael Bryant sing in class.

Singing From the Heart

Choir students work hard to have their voices heard, even through masks
Nadia May, Design Editor March 1, 2021

STORY BY: Nadia May Design Editor Like many other programs throughout the year, the NHS choir department has had to go through many accommodations to handle the spread of COVID-19. Despite all the...

Senior Gaia Scandella enjoys the beautiful foliage.

Garden Review

Avery FitzSimmons, Multi-Media Editor March 1, 2021

The Springfield-Greene County Botanical Center or Nathanael Greene is a beautiful place. Gaia Scandella, senior, and I went to visit the Nathanael Green Gardens on February 3rd. it was a surprisingly nice...

Photographer: Carlie Peters


Medical Club
Avery FitzSimmons, Multi-Media Editor March 1, 2021

   Health Occupations Students of America is a global student-run technical organization that relies on donations and fundraising efforts.Through HOSA, students can learn about biomedical advancements...

Love is in The air

Gaia Scandella, Reporter February 24, 2021

     Welcome to February. Welcome to the shortest month of the year. Welcome to the hearts and roses one. February 14th in particular is a day lots of people, or better, lots of couples, like....

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