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Darby Allen holds up the Christmas Tree Brownie

Holiday Treats

Food reviewers try making two winter themed desserts
Darby Allen and Braden Dennis December 14, 2020

Christmas Tree Brownies from Dinner at the Zoo and Snowman Cakesicles from Hungry Happenings Braden Dennis' Take Snowman Cakesicles 3/5 The cake pops were definitely a complete and utter mess to...

 Junior Braden Dennis delightfully eats his chocolate chip deluxe cookie from Insomnia’s cookies. “The rich flavor of the chocolate chip really made the cookie amazing,” Dennis said.

Batter vs Baked

Darby Allen and Braden Dennis December 14, 2020

NoBaked Springfield 1364 Republic Rd Springfield, MO 65904 Darby Allen's Take First we stopped here to get raw cookie dough. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but as soon as you...

When Did Journalism Become Political Activism?

When Did Journalism Become Political Activism?

Eli Dean, Sports Editor October 15, 2020

   In today’s political climate, nearly every news organization has some sort of bottom line. A bottom line that covers up anything under it, politics or not. For example, Fox News and CNN clearly...

Give it up and mask up

Give it up and mask up

WIngspan Editorial Board October 12, 2020

Put on your mask. Fix your mask. Don’t forget your mask. Pull up your mask. Cover your nose with your mask. We all hear the same exasperated demands by teachers, parents, strangers and peers. It’s...

Mason Busch demonstrates the second-semester slump that is often experienced.

The new normal

Student are adjusting
Reid Holdman, Opinion Writer April 28, 2020

Given the events of the past couple of months, it would be an understatement to say that life is different. We’re all hunkered down in our homes as we wait for the coronavirus saga to come to a conclusion.  A...

Eagle Stadium

What we’ve learned from sports in times like these

A sports reporter's viewpoint on how sports can heal us.
Eli Dean, Reporter April 23, 2020

   The NBA was first. Then came the NCCA. Baseball. Soccer. Hockey. NASCAR. Golf. The Olympics. UFC. All of it. In a strange period starting on a Wednesday night in Oklahoma City in March, sports shut...

Stay active at home

Stay active at home

Step away from your nest and discover a few new things.
Kenzie Wiegert, Advice Columnist April 23, 2020

   Isolation can be hard. Not being able to leave your house and continue with activities that used to be normal is new for everyone. From grocery stores to the movie theater, going out may not be an...

Taste Donuts

The Best in Nixa- Donuts: Taste Donuts and Casey’s donuts face off. Turns out, they’re both pretty good.

Nadia May and Kaitlyn Jones February 24, 2020

STORY BY: Kaitlyn Jones and Nadia May Casey's General Store 1306 W Mt Vernon St. Under $5 Kaitlyn’s take: 3.5/5 Believe it or not, I have actually heard a lot about Casey’s Donuts being decent....

Editorial: Find focus amid chaos

Editorial: Find focus amid chaos

Trump’s Twitter. A 52 nuke threat. The draft. World War III. Conflict with Iran. Assassination. Impeachment. Throughout the last few months, countless concerns, jokes, and solutions have come around. However,...

Letter from the Editor: Getting Ready for the Future

Letter from the Editor: Getting Ready for the Future

Riley Harris, Editor-in-chief February 24, 2020

STORY BY: Riley Harris Editor-in-chief As the second semester starts, I realize that my time in high school is slowly coming to an end. I am having mixed feelings about leaving and start a new life on...

Riley Harris

Letter from the editor: Happiest time of the year

Riley Harris, Editor-in-Chief January 17, 2020

As the first part of the year comes to a close, the semester slump has hit hard. I have been struggling to maintain the same cycle that I have been used to for the last three years. With more loads of...

Editorial: Run, Fight, Hide

Editorial: Run, Fight, Hide

Editorial Board, Wingspan January 17, 2020

School is meant to be a safe haven for those who need it, but that becomes disrupted when weapons arrive and endanger students. Questions flood the community’s mind: Could this happen in Nixa? Would...

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