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A variety of enchiladas lay on the table, smothered in tasty sauce

Let’s Taco ‘Bout That

The Wingspan Taste Buds review local Mexican resturants
Kaitlyn Witts and Addison Eden October 11, 2021

La Fiesta- 562 W Mt Vernon St #9681, Nixa, MO   Kaitlyn Witts’ Take 4/5  Walking into La Fiesta, you can immediately tell that it is a family establishment. Luckily for them, I totally...

Moments of Katielynn

Moments of Katielynn

Katelynn Gibson, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF October 11, 2021

Senior year is a roller coaster of emotions — from the last first football game to senioritis, you are almost done. Although it is cliche to say 'do not take high school for granted,' it is overused...

Don’t give in to peer pressure

Katelynn Gibson, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF October 11, 2021

Don’t let peer pressure get in the way of your choice on masking, and don’t pressure others to always follow your way. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, then wear a mask. If you feel safe...

Pineapple pizza from Dominos

Review: Pizza and Pineapples

Brycen Osborne , Staff Writer September 21, 2021

   Probably the most controversial culinary duo of all time is pineapples and pizza -- the combination of the two is highly debated. It seems there is a 50/50 split between those who like it and those...

Taking Time Outdoors

Taking Time Outdoors

Editorial Board April 21, 2021

The gloomy early months of the year have ended and flowers are beginning to bloom again. COVID stress, along with the stress of saying forever goodbyes to fellow students has taken a toll on our mental...

Keep Working for Better days

Keep Working for Better days

Madalyn Tuning, Editor-in-Chief April 21, 2021

It seems we’ve finally come to a positive place again. Take a breath and enjoy it. For a long time, we thought COVID-19 would control our lives completely for another dreadful year. With more and more...

Stress Within the Stars

Stress Within the Stars

Photographer: Avery FitzSimmons. This image is of a rare blood moon in a haze of fog before sundown.
Avery FitzSimmons, Multi-Media Editor April 16, 2021

   Astrology is a pseudoscience dealing with stars, locations of plants, and how they affect each person. While not scientifically proven, this topic's popularity has been around for thousands of years,...

Darby Allen holds up the Christmas Tree Brownie

Holiday Treats

Food reviewers try making two winter themed desserts
Darby Allen and Braden Dennis December 14, 2020

Christmas Tree Brownies from Dinner at the Zoo and Snowman Cakesicles from Hungry Happenings Braden Dennis' Take Snowman Cakesicles 3/5 The cake pops were definitely a complete and utter mess to...

 Junior Braden Dennis delightfully eats his chocolate chip deluxe cookie from Insomnia’s cookies. “The rich flavor of the chocolate chip really made the cookie amazing,” Dennis said.

Batter vs Baked

Darby Allen and Braden Dennis December 14, 2020

NoBaked Springfield 1364 Republic Rd Springfield, MO 65904 Darby Allen's Take First we stopped here to get raw cookie dough. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but as soon as you...

When Did Journalism Become Political Activism?

When Did Journalism Become Political Activism?

Eli Dean, Sports Editor October 15, 2020

   In today’s political climate, nearly every news organization has some sort of bottom line. A bottom line that covers up anything under it, politics or not. For example, Fox News and CNN clearly...

Give it up and mask up

Give it up and mask up

WIngspan Editorial Board October 12, 2020

Put on your mask. Fix your mask. Don’t forget your mask. Pull up your mask. Cover your nose with your mask. We all hear the same exasperated demands by teachers, parents, strangers and peers. It’s...

Mason Busch demonstrates the second-semester slump that is often experienced. The second semester hits me like a tornado, Busch said. I get distracted more easily than I do during the first semester, especially since there are just a few months of school left.”

The new normal

Student are adjusting
Reid Holdman, Opinion Writer April 28, 2020

Given the events of the past couple of months, it would be an understatement to say that life is different. We’re all hunkered down in our homes as we wait for the coronavirus saga to come to a conclusion.  A...

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