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OPINION: To increase safety, place limits on gun access

Bronwyn Long, Guest Columnist November 29, 2023

Guns are designed to kill, they don’t have any other purpose. Civilians don’t need these weapons of mass destruction. If you take the guns out of people’s hands, you take the bullets out of their...

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AI Requires Careful Use

Today we live in a world where the images, stories and videos we see may not be factual, or even real. Artificial Intelligence can offer a multitude of opportunities for technological evolution, but with...

I hope from this story that everyone can know how kind-spirited, unique and talented my brother was, and remember the good memories of Luke.

Remembering Luke McCrea

Maddie McCrea, Editor-In-Chief October 11, 2023

On Aug. 23, Nixa lost a student, nephew, grandson, cousin, friend, son and my little brother, Luke McCrea. There is so much I could say about my Pop-Tart loving, flannel shirt wearing, turtle enthusiast...

REVIEW: Dr Pepper or Dr Thunder?

Tara Robinson and Callie Anderson, Contributing Reporters May 19, 2023

A taste test shows it's not so easy to tell the difference between the two drinks.

Customers make their own creations at Orange Leaf.

REVIEW: Orange Leaf Pleases with Variety of Flavors

Hayden Rhoades, Contributing Reporter May 17, 2023

   Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is a froyo place in Springfield that has moved from place to place in the area around Springfield. The location it's at right now has been there for awhile even...

Say NO to Bullying

McKenzie McConville, Contributing Writer May 17, 2023

   The American Psychological Association describes bullying as “a form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort.” This could...

B&B Theatre in Ozark

REVIEW: New Mario Bros. movie brings nostalgia for all

Deliliah Neff, Reporter May 12, 2023

   Growing up, I used to play Super Mario Bros. all the time with my dad, oftentimes handing the controller to him so he could beat the level for me. When I heard that Illumination was taking the task...

Restaurant Revival

Restaurant Revival

Reviewer: Kaitlyn Witts    Getting ready to go to Bistro 160, I put some thought into my outfit. As I walked in I was glad I had, because the restaurant was much classier than Pizza Hut, which previously...

Review: Lucky Cat Boba Tea delights

Review: Lucky Cat Boba Tea delights

Deliliah Neff, Staff Writer December 21, 2022

   With the holidays right around the corner, browsing all day long for the perfect gift can be a drag. Treating yourself with a nice drink can help ease the stress of holiday shopping. Thankfully,...

Stop by a downtown Nixa business for a great experience and to support the community.

Review: Morning Day Café and LUK Boutique

Arabella Cosgrove, Wingspan Reporter December 20, 2022

   Downtown Nixa continues to grow and several local businesses are located in its heart downtown. Two of those businesses are Morning Day Café and LUK Boutique.    When you pull up to Morning...

Christmas Gets Ugly

Christmas Gets Ugly

Emma Jelinek, Advertising Director December 9, 2022

   Ugly Christmas sweaters are a fun and easy way to show Christmas spirit. They are enjoyable and amusing to look at. The trend of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters originated in the 1950’s, but back...

The Pa[i]ge Advice Column

Paige Oyler, Website Editor, Jr. Designer, Social Media December 8, 2022

Hi Paige! My problem is I have a lot going on with school and life in general, such as theater, school work, choir, and work. How do you make time for your friends and find motivation to get things like...

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