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Education Divided

Maddie McCrea, Junior Copy Editor April 25, 2022

Whether it’s a prestigious Ivy League college or a local community college, most schools can be sorted into two categories: private or public. Nixa High School counselor Joy Horgan said the main...

These are some of the books challenged at NHS. Reading is an important part of a student’s growth and learning experiences. “Students see themselves in characters and situations in books,” English teacher Haylee Anderson said. “I think this helps them feel less isolated and alone, build a connection, and see that others can and have gone through similar struggles.”

Restricted Readings

Justice Jones, Reporter April 20, 2022
   Book banning has become a hot-button issue. Concerns over inappropriate topics have been sprouting up across the nation, including Nixa schools.
Seeking Refuge

Seeking Refuge

Eli Dean, News & Sports Editor April 20, 2022

Of the 3 million Ukrainian refugees leaving because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many will find new homes in Missouri. City of Refuge, a non-profit organization based in Columbia, has helped Ukrainians...

Sold Out

Sold Out

Gracie Schwarz, Copy-Editor April 20, 2022

The light from a computer illuminates a dark room, the screen projecting the image of an online shopping experience. With the click of a button, any object can be viewed, purchased and shipped for a small...

EagleAir TV, April 8, 2022

Produced by EagleAir TV April 14, 2022

This episode of EagleAir TV offers stories on summer school, pig heart dissections and preparing for the ACT.

EagleAir TV March 24, 2022

Produced by EagleAir TV April 11, 2022

This episode of EagleAir TV offers a look at the implosion at the James River Power Plant, Nixa High School's eSports team and the bowling team.

EagleAir TV, March 7, 2022

Produced by EagleAir TV March 11, 2022

This episode of EagleAir TV features stories about snow days at NHS, the school lunch crew and the 3rd floor transition. Stay tuned for a pizza review at the end.

Abuse of Power

Abuse of Power

Eli Dean, News & Sports Editor March 7, 2022

There are many differences between how the United States and how China are led. Some are obvious, and some are hidden from the rest of the world. “Fundamentally, the biggest difference [between the...

The new performance hallway.

The Update Corner

Noah Cook, WINGSPAN STAFF WRITER March 3, 2022

Save the Date Mar. 11: End of third quarter Mar. 14-18: Spring break April 14: School Board meeting April 15: Easter break April 30: Prom The theme of the 2022 Prom is Rustic Forest...

Remembering Kristopher Trollman

Remembering Kristopher Trollman

Katelynn Gibson, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF March 3, 2022

Kristopher Trollman was a new student at Nixa. Although he was here for a short time, he left a big impact on many lives. With his big smile and friendly appearance, he always knew how to cheer others...

Some students at Nixa High School still choose to wear masks, even though they are no longer required. “The best thing we can all do to reduce the risk of a nasty new variant is to get vaccinated and boosted and wear masks to give the virus as few chances to replicate as possible,” Dr. Lee-Ann Allen said.

The Pandemic is Still Not Over

Zachary Street and Brycen Osborne March 2, 2022

As coronavirus tensions somewhat ease over the Omicron variant, the virus overall remains a looming threat. Sophomore Ethan Warnecke continues to wear a mask, despite the Nixa school district ending the...

The Hunt for Scholarships Begins

Maddie McCrea, Junior Copy Editor March 2, 2022

Whether one is committed to a college, undecided or not attending college, planning for after high school graduation may be a daunting task. With possible student debt or scholarship worries, Nixa...

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