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As senior Isabella Johnson steps back onto the field for the first game of her senior year, she has a lot on her mind. “I have played soccer for so long that it’s kind of my identity in a lot of ways,” Johnson said.

Two Sides of Recovery

Kaitlyn Witts, Design Editor April 16, 2024

Sprinting across the field, the goal is in sight and the black and white ball is on its way. There are only 30 seconds left on the clock and the game is tied 2-2. The opposing team’s defense is approaching,...

Senior Camila Figueroa successfully crosses a hurdle. Hurdles are one of the many different events preformed during a meet. “I like the competition,” freshman Jonah Fields said. “I like the heat of the moment and being my best.”

At The Starting Line

Jack Edwards, Staff Writer April 16, 2024

Speed, strength and endurance are put to the test in track and field. The Nixa High School team strives to cultivate a positive, family-like environment with bonds formed through sportsmanship and determination. Track...

 The archery team has been competing in competitions since November. “Archery is an opportunity to help develop self confidence.” Archery and J.R.O.T.C. teacher Robert Hodapp said.
ROW 1: Brycen Osborne (12, left), Michel Ewald (10), Haley Anderson (12), Allyson Pendergraft (12), Kiya Ward (11), Carter Anderson (11) and Cannon Davis (10). ROW 2: Henry Malone (10, left), Conner Marcum (10), Jacob McConnell (10), Ayden Moore (11), Karson Robb (10), Caleb Craig (12) and Jordyn McCarthy (10). ROW 3: Auston Bayless (11, left), William Durbin (9), Houston Bohanan (10), Zachariah Prater (10), Tyler Cubic (12), Cooper Cates (10), Paul Pesek (11) and Robert Hodapp.

Students take a shot with the Archery team

Jack Edwards, Staff Writer March 1, 2024

    Take the bow and arrow, pull back, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, let go of the string, a loud crack comes across the range, bullseye. This is what a person does when they take part in Archery....

Junior Dylan Johns (left) and senior Tyler Swanson join together in prayer before playing a football game.

Beyond the Game

Chloe Fischer and Laurel Latimer February 27, 2024

On Dec. 1, the Republic Tigers took on Cardinal Ritter in the Class 5 State Championship game. Republic football coach Ryan Cornelsen has been leading the Tigers for roughly three years and has had a...

Jackie Stiles opens gym in Springfield

Aiden Perryman and Thatcher Stubblefield February 26, 2024

Local basketball legend Jackie Stiles focuses on improvement with her new gym.

Some difficulties can be solved through the gym. [Early on the biggest achievement with weight training is] I lost a lot of weight. I think the first time I did I lost about 40 something pounds, sophomore Tyler Stankewitz said.

Students Hustle for the Muscle

Avery Muniz, Staff Writer December 20, 2023

Nixa High school displays a variety of athletes who perform for different outcomes. The gym is composed of surplus perspectives on fitness, however one thing that is always agreed upon is the importance...

The first home game under the coaching of Jennifer Talbert was Nov. 21 at 6:30 p.m. against the Battle Spartans in the main gym. The Lady Eagles stepped away with their first official win of the season.

Welcome to the Red Kingdom

Paige Oyler, Copy Editor & Social Media December 14, 2023

The Nixa High School Lady Eagles basketball team is going into the season with a new coach and new visions for success. Jennifer Perryman announced that she would be stepping down as their coach in July...

Sophomore Henley Dougan watches the viewfinder to ensure he gets the perfect shot for Nixa Live viewers.

Nixa Live

Paige Oyler, Copy editor & Social Media December 14, 2023

Sports broadcasting goes deeper than just recording a game for viewers at home; It can be difficult work and it requires dedication and passion. Nixa Live first started as a club run by Nixa High School...

Caeden Cloud will play on the Kentucky Wildcats baseball team in hopes of eventually moving to the professional level of Major League Baseball.

Moving on Up

Maddie McCrea, Editor-In-Chief October 11, 2023

Spots on Division One (D1) teams are coveted by top athletes. The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) top-level teams are the ultimate goal for college competitors. Oftentimes scholarships...

Senior Payton Link hypes up the team, supported by fellow senior Andrew Banks.

Eagle Pride

Chloe Fischer, Photo Editor October 11, 2023

“Start the busses!” Sending away the opposing team, cheers erupt from the stands as the Nixa Eagles have won again. Students gather together under the bright lights of Eagle Stadium to cheer on...

Nixa boys volleyball plays against Parkview junior varsity at Kickapoos league night

Boys Volleyball Officially Approved for 2023-24 School Year

Emma Dixon, Contributing Writer May 17, 2023

   Boys volleyball has begun to make an appearance in the area. As of May 11, boys volleyball has officially become a MSHSAA sport.   Boys volleyball head coach Annie Zimmerman has been given...

Girls Get Goals

Girls Get Goals

Grace Dillard, Staff Writer May 9, 2023

Girls soccer is back in session, and the team is doing what they can to prepare for the season ahead. Senior Lydia Olson has been playing soccer since she was in first grade, Olson wants to improve on...

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