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How to prepare for winter hunting

David Swyhart, Contributing Writer December 20, 2021

   A lot of hunters hunt during the wintertime since that is when the longest hunting season is, whether it be for food purposes or sport, a lot of people do it, but not all know successful ways to...

Bear hunting now an option in Missouri

David Swyhart, Contributing Writer December 20, 2021

   The Missouri Department of Conservation implemented its first bear hunting season for the state this October since the black bear population has continued to increase at a pace of about 0.9 percent...

JROTC teams compete

Violet Carney, Contributing Writer December 20, 2021

   The JROTC teams at Nixa High School have been working for their upcoming competitions and tournaments. The archery team had its first tournament on Nov. 20.     Sargent Robert Hodapp, the...

Nixa Cheer

Nixa Cheer Goes to State

Maddie Morgan, Contributing Writer December 20, 2021

The Nixa High School cheer team went to state in December of 2021. The team had been working for almost 6 months in preparation since summer, with many hours of practice a week. One of the seniors, Madison...

From MO to Tokyo

Eli Dean, News & Sports Editor October 13, 2021

Trivia nerds will be the first to tell you that Jason Bourne’s hometown is Nixa, Missouri. But for those who live in Nixa, there’s another hometown hero that carries much more meaning than the fictional...

Eagle Stadium

Track heats up this spring

Gaia Scandella, Reporter April 30, 2021

Track season started March 1. It is a sport divided into several events -- distance, sprints, throws, jumps and relays --  and that's why many people are part of the team. This year Nixa High School...

Girls tennis team looks back

Maddie Morgan, Contributing Writer April 27, 2021

    The girl’s tennis team is fun for anyone experienced or even new to the sport. They have a JV and Varsity team, and both have a variety of skill levels. The Girls Tennis team had a very successful...

On Target

On Target

Carlie Peters, Staff Writer April 26, 2021

Archery is coming to Nixa High School as an elective credit next year. Though the class is an elective credit, the curriculum will be similar to physical education. The class is replacing JROTC’s rifle...

The Nixa High School fishing team members spend countless hours at the lake.

Fishing for a win

Katelynn Gibson, Managing Editor April 21, 2021

A Nixa fishing member casts his reel into the lake water, making sure that the water is the right temperature. Waiting patiently for a fish to bite, they relax with friends. Suddenly, there is a tug on...

Spinning and Winning

Spinning and Winning

Kaitlyn Witts, Reporter April 16, 2021

As the school year comes to a close for students at Nixa High School, so does the Winterguard season.     John Sullivan is the director of the two-color guard teams at NHS and other teams statewide.    "I...

Spectators watch as junior Harmony Rust takes down her opponent in a wrestling match.

Back to the Mat

Katelynn Gibson, Managing Editor March 1, 2021

The Nixa girls wrestling team has been hitting the mat and working consistently to continue winning duals and championships. They plan on raising the bar in comparison to last season — where the team...

Rock and Bowl

Rock and Bowl

Katelynn Gibson, Managing Editor December 18, 2020

     A bowler steps up to the lane and takes a deep breath. They start slow, then speed up as they  walk forward. They swing their arm and release the ball at the right angle for it to curve....

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