Brain breaks and school schedules

The importance of breaks during studying.


  The school schedule has changed at Nixa High School, while the teacher and student incentive to get work done has not. 

   Scott Robison, the freshman counselor at Nixa High School, explains how students are slowly becoming motivated to get their work done as the school year continues. 

   “There is a general sense of students still trying to get in the education mode,” Robinson said. “The district ended last year as a virtual school.  Many students just were not ready for a full schedule of education. The grades are getting better, and students are now more in a mindset for education.”

   Motivation can come in many different forms, though. 

   “I enjoy working with my students and teachers,” Robinson said.  “Watching students grow from that 8th-grade immaturity to a young adult is amazing.  The teachers challenge me to excel at my job and keep up with their excellence.”

   This year, there have been big changes, such as the school schedule, start times, and mask rules. However, their effect on the students has not been as significant. 

   Madison Dyck, a junior at Nixa High School, explains how the changes have not largely impacted her.  

  “The school experience has been pretty good, frustrating considering we have more rules, but they are easy to follow, and school is the same,” Dyck said. “I’ve been gone a lot and quarantined, so I have been staying home.”

   The new calendar has also impacted faculty at the school. 

   “Teachers are like the students; they enjoy a break to be with family and relax,” Robinson said. “Everyone suffers if there are no breaks.”

   Suffering aside, what is more important is knowing if the teachers and students are ready for the second semester. Unlike years in the past, there was a teacher workday in October, and now teachers have less time preparing. 

   “ There is no reason to believe the students will not be ready for 2nd semester,” Robinson said. “The teachers are working hard to get all students completing the 1st semester on time and prepared for next semester.”

  Students express similar views.  

   “I feel like this year will be the same throughout,” Dyck said. “It is not gonna get better unless we go into a lockdown, or people start taking this seriously.”

   For students struggling to get their work done, there are always people willing to help. 

   “Talk to your teachers, then talk with teachers some more,” Robinson said. “Too many times, I have heard parents and students who are contacting me about grades and yet neither have contacted the teacher or come in for one-one help.” 

   Motivation is the key to getting work done. Students can get help from their teachers, and for those feeling worn out, Thanksgiving break is right around the corner.