Coronavirus affects Christmas

A Covid Christmas.

Emma Hoffman, Reporter

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated by many. Whether one lives in Florida or Alaska, Christmas is a part of many people’s lives, and because of COVID-19, a lot has changed.  Many states have restrictions on travel and limits on the size of groups allowed in specific areas. People travel to be with family or even just for vacation during Christmas, but many are concerned that none of this will happen this year. Christmas in local towns has changed too. Due to COVID-19. In Ozark, Missouri, their annual Christmas parade has been canceled. However, residents of Nixa, Missouri, are still planning on having their parade. 

Elizabeth Carlson, Nixa Resident, says that her favorite holiday is Christmas. Her family had plans to travel for Christmas but had to cancel them due to COVID-19.

“I love Christmas, and I was very disappointed when we had to cancel our holiday plans,” Carlson said. 

Although many people’s plans for the holidays had to be rearranged, some still remain the same. Deja Martinez, a freshman at Nixa High School, is on the Nixa Eagles cheer team. For the past two years, Martinez has participated in the Nixa Christmas parade with her cheerleading team. Deja said she is excited that the parade is still scheduled to happen. 

“The Christmas parade brings a lot of good memories to mind.” Martinez said. “I am very glad that me and my team will be able to be a part of the parade even though this year has changed so much.” 

The Nixa Christmas parade will take place on December 6th at 1:00 pm. The Nixa Eagles cheer team will have a float to walk with during the event. Martinez said that she enjoys decorating the float very much.

“Every year, the entire team gets together for a couple of hours and decorates a float while drinking hot chocolate and eating snacks,” Martinez said. “I hope stuff is not too different this year because of everything with the virus.”

On another note,  people everywhere have canceled plans and are staying home for the holidays. Carlson said she is sad about her Christmas plans going downhill, but she understands.

“Although I very much would have liked to go on vacation with my kids, I understand that COVID-19 has affected a lot this year, including Christmas,” Carlson said.

Many people travel for the holidays, but others tend to stay home. Martinez said that her family does not usually travel.

“Most of my family lives near me so we normally stay home for Christmas anyways,” Martinez said. “Honestly, the CoronaVirus is not affecting my family’s holidays too much this year.”

Christmas is a holiday celebrated by many families every year. This year has had many twists and turns, so who knows what is going to happen by the time Christmas rolls around.