Home Sweat Home

During the pandemic, students are skipping the gym and working out at home


Braden Dennis

Daegan Bates lifts a weight.

Winter is one of the most stressful times of the year. Finals are coming up, Christmas gifts need to be bought and some people are beginning to deal with seasonal depression. With all of these, how does one get around to getting off the couch and going to the gym?
Jonathan Gold, head strength coach at Nixa High School, said there are many benefits to keeping active.
“The stronger the muscular system is, the less that the skeletal system and joints have to take, so when an injury happens, the person who has been working out heals faster,” Gold said. “Being fit and strong also keeps the immune system working better. This is incredibly important during this pandemic.”
Due to COVID-19, it has become increasingly dangerous to workout in a gym. Staying at home could be the best option for right now.
Last spring, athletes in sports such as soccer and track and field missed out on their season. Senior Alexis Rapert was one of these students. However, she still made time to stay in shape.
“Obviously it’s a little different because not everyone has the equipment that a gym would have, but we have an at-home gym with a pulling system so I got some of those resources,” Rapert said.     “Usually, when you’re working at home you’re just finding whatever weight will work best, but it’s definitely not as easy to do [compared to the gym].”
There are some important things to remember when deciding what to do.
“The key to working out at home is just using what is around you and using common sense,” Gold said. “Make sure that the workout that you plan on doing is appropriate for your ability level and that it will provide the proper stimulus for the adaptations that you need. It doesn’t sound like much, but with time and consistency you will make changes that you didn’t know were possible.”
Junior Reid Holdman said he enjoys the benefits of working out at home.
“It’s just so much more pleasant when you can work at your own pace and blast your AC/DC as loud as you like,” Holdman said. “It’s a lot less time-consuming as well, which is a pretty sweet bonus for people with a busy schedule.”
Gaining the motivation to get moving can be difficult.
“Sometimes you really won’t enjoy it. You’ll have bad days, but for me at least knowing that what I’m doing is going to help me in the future is a good way to put it,” Rapert said. “Some days you’re really not there and you have a bad day. At home, it can be a lot harder, and sometimes you just need a break.”
However, it can end up being worth it in the end, Holdman added.
“Just keep in mind that you’re doing it to build a better you; the philosophy behind it is to be better, and I think improving myself is pretty darn fun,” Holdman said. “Working out and improving yourself creates a better you, which by extension creates a better world, so why wouldn’t it be fun?”