Holiday Treats

Food reviewers try making two winter themed desserts


Braden Dennis

Darby Allen holds up the Christmas Tree Brownie

Darby Allen and Braden Dennis

Christmas Tree Brownies from Dinner at the Zoo and Snowman Cakesicles from Hungry Happenings

Braden Dennis’ Take Snowman Cakesicles 3/5

The cake pops were definitely a complete and utter mess to make to say the least. I barely know anything about baking, and the cake pops definitely showed that. The taste and flavor turned out good, but the actual decoration and snowman shape was rough. I would say you definitely need more experience with baking in order to make the cake pops truly successful. The cake pops were a lot harder to make than the brownies, though they still had a sweet and savory taste to them.

Darby Allen’s Take Snowman Cakesicles 4/5
These were pretty difficult to make. I wouldn’t attempt making these unless you are a more experienced baker. That being said, I think these were better than the brownies. Cake pops are a classic, so you can’t go wrong. Even though they turned out tremendously ugly and deformed, they tasted really nice. If I were going to make this again, I would just ditch the snowman shape and make normal cake pops. Again, not as festive, but probably would have turned out prettier. If you want a cake pop, just go to Starbucks, they are easier and better, and you’ll spend less money than all of the ingredients we bought.

Braden Dennis’ Take Christmas Tree Brownies 4/5
The brownies were definitely my favorite out of the two recipes. They were much easier to make and decorate, while the cake pops required lots of technique and actual baking skills. Not only that, the brownies ended up having a rich chocolate flavor, and the icing and the sprinkles added on to the amazing taste that came with them. I would definitely say the brownies ranked higher than the cake pops in difficulty and taste — highly recommended for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Darby Allen’s Take Christmas Tree Brownies 4/5
These were pretty easy to make and really tasty. I liked the cake pops better but these were good too. I think the brownies would have been better without the frosting. I mean, it wouldn’t have been as holiday friendly, but they might have tasted better. Don’t make the same mistakes we made — put parchment paper down on the pan before you pour the batter and don’t use a butter knife to cut Christmas tree shapes. And use a cookie cutter please. Maybe just buy brownies actually.