Starting a Collection of Your Own

Renea McBee, Reporter

   Collecting is something many people take an interest in; from shells and rocks to empty cans, anything is collectable. 

   Sophia Stepien, a Sophomore at Nixa High School, collects rocks. 

   “When I was younger, in Summit … outside there where rocks and I used to go dig in them and find the ones that had funny looking shapes and I would take them home,” Stepien said. 

   Five years of collecting has brought a large amount of rocks.

   “I have a lot of smaller rocks because gems are kind of expensive,” Stepien said. “As far as the bigger rocks go I have a decently big box of them. Of the pretty rocks I have a mason jar full.”

   When it comes to collecting, each person has a different view. 

   “I collect them because I think they’re pretty and I like pretty things so that makes me happier,” Stepien said. 

   When it comes to collecting, anything can be taken for a collection. Mason Greene, a freshman, collects Monster Energy cans. 

   “I saw some other people doing it and then they created stuff out of the cans and the cans are always very pretty because they have really nice designs.” Greene said. “So I started to collect them because I drink them all the time … so I just thought I might as well.”

   Even in the span of a few months a collection can grow quickly. 

   “I started a few months ago because I only started drinking Monster this summer so I started collecting them when I moved into my new house which was two or three months ago,” Greene said. “I had a lot more with a few different colors, but my mom threw it away because she thought it all was trash … I would’ve had eleven.” 

   Timber Le, a junior, collects seashells, necklaces and pictures of macarons. 

   “I didn’t know I wanted to collect (pictures of) macarons, or necklaces until I realized I had several of them,” Le said. “After realizing that, I began to build my collection. At first, I was collecting just to collect, however eventually I grew an attachment to my collections.”

   Like any collection, it grows with time. 

   “ I started collecting photos of macarons when I was 12, so 4 years ago,” Le said. “I started collecting seashells two years ago, and I started my necklace collection around the same time I started my macaron collection. …  I have collected 428 macaron photos, although I am still building onto it. I have 87 necklaces, and 23 seashells.”

   Starting a collection can be difficult. 

   “If you can see things as pretty then it’s pretty,” Stepien said. “So just pick it up and take it home.” 

   “Just go for it,” Greene said. “It’s not that hard once you start looking for it.” 

   “Have fun with it,” Le said. “Collecting is all about enjoying yourself.”



What can you start collecting? 

  • Rocks 
  • Seashells 
  • Cans 
  • Soda tabs 
  • Bottle caps 
  • Buttons