The Kindness Wall

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provided by Madalyn Tuning

Juniors Avery FitzSimmons (left) and Madalyn Tuning contiribute to a journalism idea board at the NSPA/JEA Fall National High School Journalism Convention.

Carlie Peters, Reporter

The Kindness wall is a place where students can leave anonymous kind comments. The idea was formed by student council member and senior Megan Brassard.
“We made the kindness wall just to help spread positivity and help others focus on the good. I think so often we get caught in our own feelings, so it is nice to hear what others have to say that are positive,” said Brassard.
The student council then had to organize this idea.
“She wanted to do something that would give a central area where students could leave little messages to other students that were positive. I think her thought process behind that was that right now is a time where people need more positivity in their life than ever, and so she just wanted to create that central area where we could do that,” said Alexander Edwards, the teacher sponsor for the student council.
The question became, ‘how was this wall going to look?’ Originally the Wall was supposed to resemble a Character Word of the month from Elementary School.
“We decided it would be best if we just took a bunch of posters. Then we started off using sticky notes and then letting people put notes on the Wall, but then it was kinda like a waste of paper, so we just did it where you could go up and write a note,” said Brassard.
At first, the kindness Wall was located down by the main staircase. Dr. Kelly decided it would be better to place it where everyone at lunch and privilege time could see it, so it was moved to the commons.
“Games typically go by the tv in the center of the commons, sports go on the sides, and clubs usually go on the opposite side,” said Senior Anna Martens, head of poster making.
The Kindness wall can also be secretive, giving people the confidence to give a compliment.
“I think it’s a good way to spread positivity. I know so often I’ll walk by people in the hallways and I’ll know who they are, but I don’t feel confident enough to go up and tell them ‘oh, I love your outfit’ or ‘your so nice’ and all this stuff,” said Brassard.
It can also let people know that they are noticed. The Wall can hold some great things.
“Probably, all the nice messages that people write. Obviously, there are silly inappropriate ones, but I also think it’s super exciting when you see your own name up there, or if you know someone who appreciated it,” said Brassard.