Love is in The air

Gaia Scandella, Reporter


   Welcome to February. Welcome to the shortest month of the year. Welcome to the hearts and roses one. February 14th in particular is a day lots of people, or better, lots of couples, like. Why?       Well, everyone knows:  it’s Valentine’s Day! 

Flowers, chocolates, huge teddy bears, heart shaped cards and a lot of love vibes. 

   But, did you know that day has Italian origins? In fact, it ‘s said that Valentine’s day was constituted by a pope in the 5th century to substitute the pagan love day celebrated on February 15th. He decided to call it Valentine’s day , in honor of the Saint executed because of the celebration of a wedding between a christian lady and a pagan man who died together during the celebration. So, in the sign of love, he became the lovers’ patron and protector. 

   In Italy, this day is celebrated by couples hanging out together, having dinner in fancy restaurants, and sharing each other famous chocolates called “ Baci Perugina,”which hide into their wrap a little ticket that contains love quotes written by poets, historical characters, philosophers or even singers, in four different languages. Exactly like a fortune cookie, but more romantic and tastier. 

But, considering that love is not just a couple thing, those chocolates are also shared between friends and family members. That’s why it would be the perfect gift to give to everyone you love. Of course, finding them here in the States would be a little bit complicated. That’s why here it is a super easy and creative idea to make your own personalized “ Baci Perugina.” 

   What do you need :

  • Your favorite kind of chocolates
  • A pencil / pen or a printer
  • A piece of paper
  • Tinfoil


   To make your own “Baci Perugina” is super easy.

   Step 1:

   On a sheet paper, print or write down the quotes you want to put into your chocolates wrap. You can invent them, copying them from the Net or Pinterest or just choosing a piece of a song you like a lot or is meaningful to you. Be creative and original! Quotes can also be funny and sarcastic if you want. 

  Step 2:

Once you have your quotes ready, cut them in single tickets so that you can easily fit each of them in the chocolates.

   Step 3:

Now you just have to tape or position the tickets on the chocolates (don’t unwrap the original paper because if the chocolate melts, the quotes will be ruined) and encase each of them into the tinfoil so that the ticket will be a surprise.

   Step 4: put them inside a box, share them with the people you love the most and enjoy them together. 

   Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody!