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This year’s inauguration brought mixed feelings among students



President Joseph R. Biden Jr. moves into position alongside his wife, Jill Biden.

From Jennifer Lopez performing to 25,000 National Guard troops throughout Washington, the 2021 Presidential Inauguration was unlike any other.
COVID-19 played a role at the inauguration, requiring officials to take the necessary safety precautions.
Alexander Edwards, a history teacher at Nixa High School, said there were a number of things that affected the attendance at the inauguration.
“This one was really toned down because of COVID, but then they got even more toned down after the capital insurrection,” Edwards said. “They knew it was already going to be a small event, and made it even more exclusive.”
The event was distanced and masks were required. The event was also broadcasted for virtual viewing.
“It was a distanced inauguration so the crowd watching was distanced and it was limited to 1,000 people at the end,” Edwards said. “If you think about that, there are 535 members of Congress, so half of the 1,000 people were members of Congress or other government officials.”
Another factor that set the 2021 Presidential Inauguration apart were the 25,000 National Guard troops throughout Washington D.C.
Edwards said he believes the numbers of National Guard troops were largely in response to the Capitol insurrection in January 2021.
“I think the Capitol police were caught behind and they decided to go way extreme to the other side to make sure it didn’t happen again,” Edwards said.
While certain safety precautions limited the attendance at the inauguration, junior Peyton Pearcy, said there was a lot of patriotism shown.
“We had our National Anthem, we had our singers,” Pearcy said. “A large amount of people showed up to support, although it was a little less than it could’ve had.”
Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga among others were performers at the inauguration. These performances included Amanda Gorman’s poem “The Hill We Climb,” and musical performances from each of the singers.
The 2021 Presidential Inauguration made history, inaugurating Kamala Harris — the first African American and South Asian American woman vice president.
Pearcy thinks that having a female vice president is great and it sets a good standard going forward.
“I think that our first woman vice president being nominated is a huge inspiration to so many young girls and so many women,” Pearcy said.
While some agree with Harris’s policies, others are opposed. Junior Reid Martin, said Harris’s points of view are different from his.”I think it’s cool that we have the first woman that high a position in government,” Martin said. “I still feel unsure of her at the moment, just with how she has run things in the past.”
Despite opposition towards Harris’ management, many are excited for a more diverse government.
“I think it shows everybody that there is opportunity for growth in this country,” Edwards said. “Hopefully our country embraces diversity more.”
Diversity is not the only thing that changed after the inauguration. On the first day of Joe Biden’s presidency, he signed 17 executive actions.
“I think we’re already seeing there’s a big shift in at policy,” Edwards said.
Pearcy believes that there will be good social impacts, as well as changes in other policies.
“Now that Democrats hold the House and Senate majority, I think we’re obviously going to get a lot more economic changes,” Pearcy said.
Regardless what changes in government lie ahead, Pearcy said she hopes they will be beneficial to the country.
“I think [the biggest concern is] a lot of politicians put out these words that you’re not sure if they’re going to hold true,” Pearcy said. “I hope that he [Biden] holds true to his words.”