What to do During Spring Break

As spring break draws nearer, so does a “slump” for those who are not traveling out of town. It can be hard to find entertaining activities that can spice up their everyday environment.
Local adventures are a safer alternative to traveling out of town, especially during the pandemic. A few places nearby that you can visit over spring break include the Battlefield Mall in Springfield, B&B Theatres in Ozark and Firehouse Pottery in Springfield.
One of these places includes B&B Theatres. Though COVID-19 may have halted a few activities, the magic of going to the movies still remains. The theater is currently open and masks are required unless you’re eating or drinking. Social distancing is encouraged while waiting in line for tickets as well as the restrooms. Thankfully though, the lines have been shorter recently, so if you end up drinking your soda too fast, you won’t have to wait long. They also have hand sanitizing stations for those who like to be extra careful about the spread of germs.
If you’d rather have a place to relax and getting crafty is your thing, Firehouse Pottery may be the place for you. At Firehouse Pottery, you get to choose a clay creation and make it your own with a variety of paints. The staff is very nice, and the entire building has a jolly atmosphere. They do require masks, and hand sanitizer is not required, but encouraged while there.
If you prefer to be active, you can visit the Battlefield Mall. Most of the stores are open, and the entire mall is doing a nice job at encouraging social distancing while shopping. Most stores do have lines due to limited capacity, so you may want to bring a few friends to help entertain you while you wait. Masks are required while shopping, and the food court is open for those who want a snack break in the middle of shopping.
For those who prefer to stay in, a movie marathon could be just right. Over the course of the recent snow days, binge-watching became a large part of the day. One can easily pass time by watching shows or movies, and it can be made fun with snacks or a fort.
Whatever you end up doing this spring break, remember to have fun. Though we are still in a pandemic, activities don’t have to completely be put on hold. Stay in or safely go out, but have fun and follow the rules so that others can do the same in the future.