Medical Club


Photographer: Carlie Peters

   Health Occupations Students of America is a global student-run technical organization that relies on donations and fundraising efforts.Through HOSA, students can learn about biomedical advancements and health sciences. 

   Dr. Theodor Jordan, a chemistry teacher at NHS, is the sponsor for the local HOSA chapter this year. In this new club, they currently have around 15 student members. Any student can join HOSA regardless if they want a profession in the medical industry.

   “Some student of mine came to me and said they needed a sponsor for HOSA, because the previous teacher was too busy with other stuff and didn’t have time for it. So I said I would do it and learn something in the process.” Jourdan said. “We will have some speakers, and there is a state conference where students can compete in medically related events, whether it is more medical information or procedures or medical background type of event. There is also lots of scholarship information out  there that we let students know about.”

   But it’s not all- they also provide internships, test preps, compositions and conferences at a state wide, national and international scale. Some of the competitions have more than medical aspects, such as The Global Leadership Academy. It’s international composition that each state and country is judged by. 

   Missouri didn’t acquire any awards from last year’s Global Leadership Academy. However Nixa’s members of HOSA  will be attending the upcoming conference March 22-26. Though members aren’t just about this year’s actions, they are all about preparing for the future. One of the members who is doing such is junior Eshan Jain.

   ”I joined the club to get more experience with the medical field in an additional setting aside from the classes I was taking. Also, it was a good way of showing interest in the medical field to prospective colleges.” Jain said. 

   Jain’s favorite part of HOSA is the people in the club itself— is he can easily talk to people with similar interests and life goals. Club members can get top information about how the virus is changing from guest speakers.

    “Last year, I was an officer in the club,” Jain said. “This year, myself, along with Bryce Reeves and Tori Carter, are the unofficial leaders/organizers of things,” 

  This year, HOSA  has all information on their website relating to current events to allow students to learn more about advancements and seminar topics. The NHS group meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month in Jordan’s room after school.