New Nixa Teachers


Kaitlyn Witts

Alyssa Ferris sees in focus

 This school year Nixa High School has had multiple new teachers, including Alyssa Ferris, art foundations and photography teacher, and Dr. Theodor Jordan, the chemistry teacher. 

   “… Everyone here is friendly and helpful,” Jordan said. “Students are eager to learn and respectful.”

   Ferris said NHS has been good to her so far.

   “A dream,” Ferris said. “When your workplace is supportive, uplifting and fosters growth it makes everything eventually fall into place.” 

   Being new can still be difficult as an adult, but the staff and students at NHS have done a good job of making people feel welcome. 

   There are many different reasons for a career in the teaching field. For Jordan, it is educating from the textbook and from life.

   “I enjoy sharing my experiences with my students and helping them learn about the natural world,” Jordan said.

   Leah Martin, junior, said Jordan helps in the classroom. 

   “He really puts all his effort into making sure his students have fun and succeed in chemistry,” Martin said. “When it comes to not getting something he will do everything he can to make sure you have the time and resources you need to understand it.”

   Helping students learn is a teacher’s job, and Jordan has been going above and beyond to make sure learning is happening. 

   Being a role model and life changer for students is why Ferris became a teacher. 

   “I decided to become a teacher because I want to serve this next generation of world-changers,” Ferris said.       “To lead with grace, truth and compassion while I watch the students I spend eight hours a day with make their move in the world and change every room they walk into.”

   Lauren Holdman, freshman, shines a positive light on Ferris. 

   “Ms. Ferris is a really great person to be around and is always there to help with anything,” Holdman said.    “She is also a really supportive and kind person who radiates positivity.”

   Teachers are here to help students learn lessons that can be used later in life.

   “Dr. Jordan taught me to look at everything from a different perspective,” Martin said. “In chemistry that is a vital skill you need to learn and he does an excellent job of teaching that.”

  Putting things into a new perspective can change the way people view the world. It is like when students see a teacher at a grocery store, for the first time, and realize that teachers have lives outside of school.

   Although it is a big aspect of a teacher’s life, they have their own hobbies outside of the classroom. 

   “[She enjoys going to] the movies,” Ferris said. “For me, there is just something about slowing down for a short while and completely immersing yourself in a new story.”

     Outside of the classroom, Jordan’s life is full of family and furry friends. 

   “I’m usually at home working on a project, or shuttling my kids to various activities,” Jordan said. “I have two sets of twins that go to school in Nixa, and a dog and a cat, that both just like to eat a lot.”

   Dr. Jordan offers his advice to students.

“Study hard, because your competition is studying hard.”