Keep Working for Better days

It seems we’ve finally come to a positive place again. Take a breath and enjoy it. For a long time, we thought COVID-19 would control our lives completely for another dreadful year. With more and more NHS students and staff obtaining the vaccine, things are looking up. We’ve made it this far, so keep up the good work. At long last, we can enjoy each others’ company vaccinated and safe — protected from the pandemic surrounding us. Many people have already stopped worrying about the virus or never thought it was a threat to begin with — which is wishful thinking. Now, others can join those rosy outlooks, allowing their worry to subside as the pandemic begins to wind down with vaccinations. Of course, we know Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson cannot protect us 100 percent from the virus, and many people worry because the vaccines are so new. For the most part, the vaccines are working well. The CDC found that overall, the vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer have been specifically tested at this point in time)
were successful in keeping citizens COVID-free. The CDC is confident that new strands will struggle to take hold among those immunized. Now, as we take a cautious step out into our old lives, we can once again meet up friends, guilt-free. Seeing older family members doesn’t need to bring as much fear once vaccinated. Just because mandates have ended, doesn’t mean you should get lazy. Stay masked. Help us continue to head in the right direction with safety. Bright times are here. Spring and summer have come in order to help celebrate the ending of one of the hardest time the world has seen for a while. Along with quarantine, we struggled with natural disasters, deaths, American political problems, food shortages and more. Emerge into the sun this summer. Get vaccinated and spend time with those you cherish because you can do so safely now. Use caution in public because not everyone else is vaccinated. Soon, with the help of everyone stopping the spread of COVID-19, masks will be a
thing of the past. Next year, field trips could even return. Quarantine will no longer have to yank you from school and work life when hardly anyone is exposed. Do your part and stop the spread. If you want to see a COVID-free world, you have to work for it. America isn’t going to see Australia’s results overnight. It’s going to take time and strong effort. If you miss live concerts, then get vaccinated. Want to go to movie theaters again and dine in restaurants? Then get vaccinated. Do you love breathing freely? Then do your part. Get vaccinated. We have made a lot of headway against this pandemic. Don’t ruin it because you’re tired of it all. If you can, get vaccinated. Keep wearing that mask correctly. Wash your hands. And keep the happy thoughts of a healthy life in your sights.