Camping Review

Juniors Gracie Schwarz and Braeden Dennis setting up a tent.


Avery FitzSimmons, Multi-Media Editor

Sutton Bluff campsite, accessible booking site & the Mark Twain national forest’s foliage was blooming with the spring air. The night sky held stars so bright that I stared at them for hours before returning to my tent, during the day-long and plentiful hiking trails filled with conifers, flowers, the green glow of mass, and the occasional thorn bush. A river seemed to wrap around the camping grounds willing the otherwise silent air with a gentle and calm river rushing. While no fish were seen, the greenery was much appreciated. In some of the trails that lead to the water, you could walk off the path and have a fun mini-exploration all to your own, abandon campsites that now bowed to the tall trees remained with an algae-covered picnic table and broken down fire pit. The Aesthetic was unreal! 

  While the drive was long, being about three hours to three and a half hours, the camp’s memories and imagery marked it in the books. However, with all the good comments so far, the bad should be shared too. The campground does not obtain a good signal for some data providers, which could be an issue if a medical emergency arises. Some parts of the grounds were unkempt in the recreational department, and lots of trash laid in the forest. However, it is hard to tell if some of the trash was due to the storm that passed through. A lot proved to be from decades prior never to be clean up. The campgrounds themselves were clean, and we lucked out with an extensive and sturdy site. Though driving through the grounds, a standard size was not set as it depended on the draw’s luck. Overall I would give it 3.9 out of 5 stars for the trash, recreational activities being an offsite drive, and for parts of the grounds being unkempt. 

It was super fun spending a weekend surrounded by nature in this beautiful place in the company of good friends. In the middle of nowhere, without internet connection and squished in a tent. It’s an experience I suggest everybody to do once in their life.