Finding the advantages to summer school


Braden Dennis

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For most high school students the thought of summer school is revolting. Summer is full of swimming, traveling, hanging out with friends, and playing outside; Not many people would like school to interfere with those activities. However, summer school is not just boring classes  meant for extra help, infact there are many advantages to taking summer school classes. Nixa High School specifically,  has a unique summer school program that allows students to not only catch up on classes, but to get ahead.

Kaylee Chainey, a freshman at Nixa High School took summer school going into her freshman year. 

“I took a physical education class and health class over the summer,”Chainey said.

Summer school takes place in the month of June. It is four weeks long and the same amount of time as a normal school day,  seven hours. Normally to receive half a credit you must take a semester class (about four and a half months) but, with summer school you can get half a credit from a four week class. 

“I think everyone should do summer school because it is a lot easier to get credits because it is a shorter amount of time, and you can go with your friends which makes it a lot of fun,” Chainey said.

Keana Thomas, a junior at Nixa High School, has taken summer school for the past 3 years of high school. 

“During summer school I have taken PE, Health, Drivers Ed, and Personal Finance,” Thomas said.

For Thomas, summer school helped her to get ahead a lot in high school. In fact she is graduating a full year early thanks to the credits she received from summer school. 

“I would recommend others to take summer school because it can help you free periods as a senior year or even help you to graduate early,” Thomas said.