Girls tennis team looks back

Maddie Morgan, Contributing Writer

    The girl’s tennis team is fun for anyone experienced or even new to the sport. They have a JV and Varsity team, and both have a variety of skill levels. The Girls Tennis team had a very successful fall season. The team’s coach Brock Blansit said the girls finished with the best regular-season record in school history, 13-1.

    “They were also COC Champs for only the second time in school history,” Blansit said. 

Having another successful season is important to the girls playing again this upcoming fall. But along with playing well, the girl’s team also has a lot of fun. Audrey Martens is a freshman that played tennis last fall. She enjoyed it and is planning on playing it again this next year as well. 

   “The coaches and players on the team are very friendly and supportive,” Martens said. “They always wanted to help in any way.”

To prepare the girls for the fall season, tennis has frequent events throughout the summer if the girls want to come and practice. 

   “We have “open courts” for any boy/girl interested in playing tennis,” Blansit said. “They are optional and happen two times a week in the summer.”

Audrey Martens and Coach Blansit both say the summer events are helpful if you are interested in playing tennis.

   “The more experience you have in tennis obviously helps you to be more successful. We have a lot of girls with no experience that come out and play every year though,” Blansit said. 

Although some players that haven’t played tennis before play on the team, practicing in summer is a good idea if you want to make Varsity or have any other goals. 

   “My goal for the upcoming fall season is to make the top 18,” Martens said. 

Another reason to come to the summer events is if you make the Varsity tennis team, you will have more opportunities to play tennis in the fall season. The varsity team attends 3 tournaments throughout the year, and JV only attends one.