Violence in Asia

 In the eastern part of Asia, where China is located, the Chinese government follows Communist politics. For many years now, China has had genocide on the Uighur/Uyghurs. 

   “Some of the biggest crimes in Asia would be what the Chinese are doing to the Uighur/Uyghurs. They are the Muslim population that lives in China, but non-Chinese religions are currently banned, such as Islam, so many of the Uyghurs are being put in concentration camps, and many women are separated from their children and being sterilized so that they cannot have any more children,” Nixa high schools world history teacher, Andrew Weddle said. 

   Another conflict in China is Hong Kong’s government decisions over their economy and community.

   “There is also the Umbrella Revolution and current fights by Hong Kong against China. People of Hong Kong have had rights for so long under British rule, but for almost 25 years, they have been incorporated back under China’s rule.” Weddle said. “These are two different places with two different ways of life, and a lot of conflicts come down to trying to get the people of Hong Kong to integrate back into the Chinese system. Many of these issues revolve around political and legal rights that exist in Hong Kong, but not in the rest of China.” 

   China said that the killing of Uighur/Uyghurs was to help the people and to stop their terrorism from spreading. 

   “China has said reports it has detained Uighurs are completely untrue. It says the crackdown is necessary to prevent terrorism and root out Islamist extremism and the camps are an effective tool for re-educating inmates in its fight against terrorism,” said. “It insists that Uighur militants are waging a violent campaign for an independent state by plotting bombings, sabotage, and civic unrest, but it is accused of exaggerating the threat in order to justify repression of the Uighurs.”

   With the genocide in China, many citizens will most likely want to find other better lifestyle opportunities.

   “Well, violence can affect us in many ways. First, people who may seek to escape the country in which they are living may choose to relocate to the US as either immigrants or asylum seekers. The US also often tries to play world diplomat or world police so we may get involved to try and prevent some of the violence that is taking place,” Weddle said. “Other times we do nothing which can garnish criticism as well. For example, the US does not publicly denounce China or put economic sanctions on China for what is happening to the Uyghurs because the US does not want to upset China in any way.”

   This had happened many times in history before, such as when Mao Zedong created genocide in China.

   “China has a lot of bloodsheds. 1-2 million people were killed and Mao Ze Dong murdered 60-70 million. He removed electoral terms and murdered those who don’t like the Chinese way,” Nixa high school sophomore student, Mason Hoffman. 

   It is essential to learn about other countries and their cultures to see how their daily life is. To see how each culture is different and unique in its own ways.  

   “As technology grows, the world shrinks. So, our society is getting more integrated with societies around the world, especially as communication and travel become easier and easier. Not only should we understand the history of other countries, but we also need to understand their culture and current events as they do affect us.” Weddle said. “Our lives are becoming interwoven with those abroad, and as the United States continues to act as the “police of the world,” it thus seems up to us to protect these people who cannot protect themselves.”