Moments of Katielynn


Senior year is a roller coaster of emotions — from the last first football game to senioritis, you are almost done. Although it is cliche to say ‘do not take high school for granted,’ it is overused for a reason. High school flies by, and it is crazy to think that a year from now, the kids I grew up with will be starting their lives and going their separate ways. Though senior year is still riddled with past obstacles from COVID, that has not deprived me of the immense joy I feel around my last year.
COVID has shown me how to appreciate the moments that we have and who can always be a trusted shoulder to cry on — from loyal friends who have stuck with me since kindergarten to being able to experience the joy in nature.
Being involved in many activities has provided me with families I never knew I needed. My Wingspan family will be my forever home — we care for each other in a sibling way. I can’t wait for the next football game, band competition or Wingspan issue to arrive, but the fact that there will be a last one causes a knot of dread in my stomach.
When I look at my future plans, I’ve come to realize that what I love to do is to be someone others can rely on. Being involved in many programs gives me the chance to encourage others.
I am ecstatic about the adventures this year will bring. Seeing my classmates grow into who they are supposed to makes me excited to come to school each day. As high school continues, my only word of advice is to never take a moment for granted and get ahead on your schooling.

Katelynn Gibson is the editor-in-chief of Wingspan.