Kelsey Gifford wins art contest


Kelsey Gifford was the winner of the Central Investment Advisors Holiday Card Design Contest.

   Central bank located in Nixa held a holiday card contest between art teacher Megan Johnson’s advanced drawing classes to see who can make the best holiday card. Kelsey Gifford (12) was announced the winner of the contest and was able to make a name for herself in the art world. Gifford said the contest was good for growth and experience.

   “[Central Bank] gave us designs and I took one of their designs and put their slogan as ornaments,” Gifflord said. 

   Johnson has been involved in the whole process.

   “They had to incorporate the idea of the holidays and Christmas and she did really well doing that,” Johnson said.

   Gifford won $100 in a visa gift card and $25 in a Hobby Lobby gift card. Her card was sent to 20,000 clients in the 417 area.