Aetos center will benefit the performing arts



Work will begin on the new performing arts center during the 2021-22 school year.

   Nixa High School has shown much improvement in recent years, such as the Eagle Stadium and now the Performing Arts Center, which is currently being built and is expected to be finished in fall of 2022. This new addition to Nixa High School will soon have the Aetos  Performing Arts Center for the band, choir and theater departments.

  “There are many benefits to the Performing Arts Center, although I think the biggest benefit is having a large venue to perform in. A place to have all choirs together,” Lead Choir Director, Daniel Gutierrez, said.

   When planning, Superintendent Dr, Gearl Loden asked the performing arts teachers what they would need or want in the Performing Arts Center to help them better improve their teaching abilities and allow students to thrive further.

  “Pretty much everything that was asked for was approved. There will be storage space for robes, music, supplies, etc. They are going to install the ceilings to have some acoustics, that way the ceilings will reflect sound better. There will be a larger amount of space and rooms for additional choirs and smaller groups within a choir,” Gutierrez said.

  While the teachers are voicing their needs and wants pertaining to the Performing Arts Center some students are imagining what they’d like to see in the Performing Arts Center.

  “I hope they have those cool things like on Broadway, when they raise people from the bottom of the stage,” freshman Sophia Allen, who participates in Nixa’s Theatre and Choir programs said.

  As Nixa Schools are continuously growing and improving they are finding ways to include both the performing arts and the athletics programs into the community and everyday life.

  “I think Dr. Loden saw value in the fine arts and wanted to feature it as a community focal point.” Gutierrez said.