Dog park opens in Nixa

   Fluffy friends of this town now have a new place to play outside and socialize. 

   The ribbon cutting for the park took place Nov. 17 at 1137 S Norton Rd. 

   Matt Crouse is the Nixa Public Parks director. He helps open, manage and protect all of the public parks in Nixa. 

   “The dog park idea came up in a strategic plan for the city and we have been working and planning it for about four years now,” Crouse said. “People really wanted a place to run their dogs and that was an open-off-leash area,”.

   Truman Huff is a freshman at Nixa High School who has two dogs, Bixby and Miles. 

   “I think my dogs could use the socialization and just a place to run and get out their energy with other dogs,” Huff said. 

  The park will be four acres separated into three parts. There will be a section for dogs under 35 pounds, a section for dogs over 35 pounds and the owner area where people can eat and sit with their dogs still on a leash. In the off-leash area there will be obstacle courses and other activities provided. The park is also open at 7:00 am to 30 minutes after sundown. 

   “This division is mostly for safety. We don’t want any little dogs getting injured by the larger dogs,” Crouse said. 

   Also for safety owners must stay in the off-leash area with their dogs and keep them on their leashes when in the picnic area. 

   There are other rules and regulations as well. Such as dogs must have all needed vaccinations and shots, there are no young children allowed in the off-leash dog area, no food in the dog area and more. 

   “Our biggest concern is the diseases that dogs could be spreading. However, as long as we get those vaccine records and make sure every dog is in good health it should be a success,” Crouse said.

You can find more of these guidelines when you register your dogs or online. 

   If you want to register your dog you can do so at the Community Office Center at 701 N Taylor Way, Nixa, Mo. When registering your dog you will need vaccination records and it is $20 per 2 dogs. 

   Business for the dog park will help with sponsors and building and expanding the dog park.

   “Our hope is that this business will eventually spread and branch into future parks from the business we get,” Crouse said. 

   Huff believes the same thing. 

   “I think the more the park gets publicity the more it will expand and the more people will go, which will be great to bring the community together,” Huff said. 

   Crouse wants to give this business a chance for the dogs of this town and for the owners.

   “Business for us is opportunity,” Crouse said.