Final exams require preparation

Addison Spencer, Contributing Writer

With finals coming up, it is important that all students have some test-taking tips so they can be most prepared and know what to expect when they walk into those classes on Tuesday. Students sometimes do not have the resources, or they are too scared to ask for help. 

“I’ve only ever had to take finals once but it went pretty smoothly, I’ve never been good at taking tests but my teachers made sure to do lots of reviews to help prepare us,” said Jacey Russell, junior.

When taking a test it is important for teachers because they want you to succeed, so they put a lot of pressure on you to excel. Students also need to study for tests if they want themselves to succeed. 

 For freshmen especially, it can give a student anxiety going into a test and not knowing what it is going to be like. Taking tests can even cause panic attacks for some students. Teachers also will exaggerate tests so their students study more and that can make it super stressful as well.

When it comes to tests they can affect quite a lot of students’ mental health. Anxiety can be a big part of that. 

“I think finals can be stressful for students, depending on the knowledge of the subject and how that student learns in the best way,” Said Rilan Peterson, sophomore.

With finals, students have to come prepared with lots of supplies. For freshmen, it can be scary because they’ve never taken finals before so they don’t know what to bring. 

“I think to be most prepared you should show up with your Study guides, calculators, charged Chromebooks, paper, and some pencils,” Peterson said. 

It can be difficult if you show up to finals and you aren’t prepared with all of the supplies you need. 

Some of the other things that might be important for Students to have or do would be making sure to eat breakfast before and making sure you get lots of sleep the night before.

“My advice is to breathe, don’t stress over taking finals. It will all be OK and you guys got this,” Russell said.

A lot of times people get really freaked out when taking big tests because once you are in high school everything goes on your record.

“Stay calm, get plenty of sleep, and go into it being confident in your ability and study plenty. If you do this, you should be completely ready for finals,” Peterson said.

When you go to take your finals, don’t be stressed. You can only worry about the present, there is no sense in worrying about the future when you haven’t gotten through the present yet.