Student teachers learn on the job

  As students become teachers, a crucial process in their education is student teaching. Allowing them to get involved and see how a real classroom runs. Nixa student teachers experience seeing their co-teacher educate, build relationships with students and manage a classroom.

  “When student teaching I get to experience new connections with students, I didn’t get that in college. It adds a level of fulfillment,” Nixa Student Teacher, Chase Phillips said.

  Student teachers are able to learn and develop class management skills throughout the student teaching process. However, their co-teachers may further solidify their teaching aspirations.

  “I am absolutely more excited about being a teacher. Going into student teaching I wasn’t as excited but being with Mr. Gutierrez, my co-teacher, and my elementary co-teacher has excited me,” Phillips said.

  As the learning process continues, not only is the student teacher affected because of the learning opportunity but so are the students.

  “Student teachers can be really beneficial, I think it just depends on the teacher. They can be nice to have because there’s an extra person to help me, they’re fun and seem to understand us as students better,” Freshman Rylee Eng said.

  Although student teaching only lasts one semester, it helps the student teachers learn valuable lessons, not only educationally but mentally and physically.

  “I’ve learned there are so many different backgrounds and circumstances students have, whether that may be their home life, socialness with others and these things varying between their genders, ages, etc.,” Phillips said.

  Overall student teaching seems to open new doors and positively impact both the students and student teachers.

  “I plan on sub teaching after I finish student teaching, although I can’t wait for when I get to teach my own class and make my own lesson plans,” Phillips said.