Nixa families embrace holiday traditions

Emma Jelinek, Contributing Writer

   Holiday Traditions are a big part of some people’s lives, with some looking forward to them all year long. Keturah Flokstra is a sophomore at Nixa High School with a unique holiday tradition.

   “Back when my grandparents got married, probably around 1978, is when it started,” Flokstra said.

   Flokstra has been doing this tradition for as long as she can remember. Flokstra and her family have a tradition called “stockings,” and what they do is they have a second Christmas. On New Year’s Day, they all get stocking stuffers with anything and everything. Then they pass around Larry the Lobster, and whomever gets it gets good luck for the entire year. Freshman Lauren Wirth does something similar.

   “My mom found a little pickle at the store, and she was like ‘we should put this in our tree!’ so we took it home and put it in our tree,” Wirth said.

   Wirth is one of many people who do this tradition. Freshmen Dylan Brown and Autumn Whittemore also do this.

   “(I like it because) my mom pays whoever finds it,” Wirth said.  “That’s what I like about it, the money.” 

   Putting a pickle in your Christmas tree started in Germany, known as Weihnachtsgurke. Everyone does it a different way, but whoever finds the pickle first either gets an extra present, the first present, or good luck for an entire year.

   “I really like getting all the funny little things that you wouldn’t expect for you to use,” Flosktra said. “I use a lot of them for art projects and photography.”

Both Flokstra and Wirth recommend that other people do it.

   “I think you (people) should do it because you can get money,” Wirth said.

   “We mostly do it to bring our family good fortune, but if you want to do it, go for it,” Flokstra said.