How to prepare for winter hunting

   A lot of hunters hunt during the wintertime since that is when the longest hunting season is, whether it be for food purposes or sport, a lot of people do it, but not all know successful ways to do so. There are many things that many new hunters, even some veteran hunters, may not know that could make their hunts more successful.

   Veteran hunters, like Ron Ward, who has been hunting for 55+ years, know many helpful hints to make your hunt much more lucrative.

   Many people just try and hunt for a few hours in the morning and at night, expecting it to be a successful hunt, but Ward disagrees.

   “For a successful hunt, you want to get up before dawn, and hunt all day until dark,” Ward said.

   Another thing that many hunters don’t know is the proper space to hunt in, whether it be constantly moving, stationary in one spot, or something else.

   “For a whitetail deer, the best place for you to hunt will be in a tree stand because deer have very sensitive hearing, and if you aren’t crunching leaves while walking, you can get a closer shot,” Ward said.

   The whitetail deer season in Missouri is November 13th through November 23rd and the whitetail season in Arkansas is November 23rd through December fifth.

   Another thing that some hunters do is that they hunt for animals that are either too much of a provider or too little of a provider for the hunters’ needs.

   “For a meal for a single person, a quail would be a good size since it is just a bird about the size of a chicken. And a meal for a whole family, a deer would be the best game,” Ward said.

   There are also some up-and-coming hunters, like Junior, Jack Regier, who have some helpful tips for a good hunt.

   Rieger has a few do’s for his hunting trips that he recommends doing each time.

   “You should always wear protective gear like goggles and vests so other hunters can know where you are and they can help you in case you are in danger,” Regier said.

   Regier also has some don’ts for his trips.

   “Never make loud noises, like yelling, so you can keep yourself hidden from the animals, as well as not scare animals away from other hunters,” Regier said.

   Though, there are some tips Regier has learned over his time of hunting.

   “You need to know that hunting takes patience and responsibility and that nothing will happen immediately, and you need to wait and be patient,” Regier said.

   There are also some tips that Regier wishes he had learned sooner before he hunted so much.

   “The main thing is that I wish I had brought quiet snacks so I didn’t scare away the animals when I got hungry,” Regier said.