Silver Dollar City shines during the holidays

Silver Dollar City is much more than all the food and rides they have there. Especially around Christmas time, when they decorate the whole place. Makes it a great place for families and to come to look around. 

Jackie Smith from Silver Dollar City said that with Christmas coming up it takes a huge toll on everyone working there. 

  “Over 1.5 million lights go up every year and it takes hours to put up,” said Smith. “Everyone has to put work in to make sure that everything goes smoothly.” 

Christmas is the time of the year where families come together and usually spend it together. Even though adults and students only get around 10 days off for Christmas. There is still the whole month of December where they can celebrate the holiday of Christmas. Even if adults don’t like roller coasters or the rides there, Christmas at Silver Dollar City gives them other stuff to do. Smith points out that many different age groups come especially during this time. 

  “Seeing families come together to look at the lights has to be my favorite part, with their smiling faces because this allows all different ages to have something to do,” Smith said.

The lights have no age or height limit, it’s something that is open for everyone to see. They have other stuff besides the lights, including the tree lighting, christmas parade, and so much more. A bunch of stuff for everyone in the family to do. Although Blake Reynolds has different reasons for liking Silver Dollar City. 

  “Most people come for the rides, I don’t because I hate roller coasters, “ said Reynolds. “The reason I come during this time of the year is because of the lights.”

With all the time the staff puts in at Silver Dollar City for the place to look good. The lights are the main thing they are known for but they have big snowflakes, wreathes, and hot chocolate. Basically all the stuff that you think about when you think of Christmas. Even though Reynolds doesn’t like roller coasters there, he is still looking at the bright side of things.

  “I will never regret going here because it is easily a once in a lifetime experience,” Reynolds said.