French Club

Charlotte Willard, Staff Writer

French is a language of love, of passion. The French Club might be the club to do exactly that and brighten up the dull English speaking world ravaged by the pandemic. Kylie Brown, a junior in Nixa High School, has been in the French Club during her entire high school career.

“I am in a French club to meet new people and build friendships, but also to understand French culture more. I just simply think it is incredibly neat,” Brown said.

With roots dating back to the mid 13th century and being the national language of 29 countries the French language and French cultures have a long and storied history.

Nixa’s French Club is a long standing tradition in Nixa High School, gracing the foreign language department with students eager to learn more about the language of love as well as throw events for people who have no understanding of the language at all so they can be immersed in the rich French culture. Jadzia Warren is a senior at Nixa High School who has been in French during all four of her years at Nixa and has been in the French club as long as it has been offered.

“My favorite part of the French club is being able to just speak French and hang out with people,” Warren said.

The French Club’s sponsor is Nora Vansant, a third year French teacher at Nixa High School. She said she loves to share her passion and understanding of all 29 French speaking countries and their cultures.

“I sponsor the French club because I am the French teacher and teaching other languages and cultures to students in the [U.S.A] is my passion.” Vansant Said.

The French club meets every Tuesday after school from 2:45 to 3:30. Despite being a mostly French speaking club, the club is open to all people regardless if they can speak French. During French club, students will play games while speaking French, as well as plan for upcoming special events and holidays — both French and American.

“What we normally do in a French club is plan fun events for the student body and get to know each other and sometimes learn more about French culture and fun French words. You don’t even have to know any French words before you come,” Brown said.