Enhancing Your Creativity

While new year’s resolutions sometimes fall away, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give up on new goals.
Most people don’t want to try new experiences. However, that’s what a new year calls for — there are always new activities, clubs and sports to explore.
Staying inside the comfort zone may make one feel safe and secure, but in order to grow as a person and obtain a higher level of success, one may need to learn to expand the comfort zone.
At school, clubs such as the Outdoors Club give us a chance to dig in the dirt and grow; see Page 19 for more. Music-loving students are leading a new a cappella group. See that story on Page 16. And off-season sports are in session in order to help athletes stay in shape. See page 14 for details on off-season.
In a work environment, one may want to explore nature or bond with new coworkers. Trying different experiences with others is a great way to create strong bonds. New activities and interests can lead to opportune friendships and more.
Just like riding an ATV gives you a chance to get out in nature and experience the adrenaline from riding or just breathing natural air can be new. See Pages 21-22 for more information on ATVs and four-wheelers.
Many people are like a caterpillar and want to stay in their cocoon or experience anything out of the ordinary. However, once turned into a butterfly, many new opportunities can open.
Others fear the failure that can come from being vulnerable.    However, vulnerability can pave the way for more accomplishment and growth. Vulnerability can present itself in various different ways, such as voicing one’s opinion or standing up for one’s own beliefs — or it can be found in a moderate form, such as branching off and trying new foods or taking on more responsibility. See page 27 for food trucks.
COVID-19 is still around, and it is still something many fear. Quarantine is an opportune time to work on one’s health and mental state — whether that means finally saying ‘no’ or working on a project that you’ve been avoiding.
There are a few stages to be aware of while experiencing new things. This can be things such as being scared, learning, failing, then ultimately succeeding.
It is important to get back up again to continue growing. Although it can be scary, remember why exiting a long-standing comfort zone is major for your own development.
There are many opportunities and experiences to enjoy. So why not switch gears and do things differently this spring?

The Wingspan Editorial Board is comprised of Katelynn Gibson, Gracie Schwarz, Braden Dennis, Darby Allen and Eli Dean.