REVIEW: Lalo’s Tacos is Truly Authentic

Lilly Confer, Contributing Writer

Lalo’s Authentic Street Tacos is a small, bright yellow taco truck located in the gravel parking lot of North Point Church right off of Massey Boulevard and Tracker Road. The logo features an Aztec-looking temple and symbol, with the words in orange. The colors on the logo were very bright and the service was very great. I walked up with my Mom and brother. The lady up front, recognizing that my Mom was Hispanic, started talking in Spanish. She was very polite when she took our order and I could discern parts of the conversation. “Salsa picante?” she asked my Mom. My Mom responded with wanting both hot and mild salsa. She wanted the red, spicier one for me and the green, mild one for my brother. They had a small menu, but they had more options of Mexican food from California, such as sopes and tortas. I got three carne asada tacos with cilantro, lime, and onions, drizzled with the red hot sauce. The tacos were very small as most authentic Mexican tacos are. It really reminded me of the food back home in California. The beef was really juicy, the tortillas were very warm and soft, and I finally had my comfort red sauce back. My Mom was even satisfied with her having jalapeños in her torta. It’s been very hard to find an authentic Mexican place as good as California’s food. Lalo’s is one of the closest restaurants I’ve found here in Missouri that has not only some of the same menu items in California but the same style of food. I very much recommend going to Lalo’s tacos. You won’t regret it.


Lalo’s Authentic Street Taco

  • Menu and Phone # (location varies based on where the taco truck is)
  • Price Range: A little less than $30 for 3 people
  • ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars