REVIEW: Silver Dollar City Lives Up to the Hype

Silver Dollar City has much fun and accelerating rides that are definitely worth the wait. This big amusement park in Branson had me walking out with a raspy voice and good memories. Hundreds of people from even out of the state travel here to experience the hype of these amazing rides. I have found that there are rides for all ages and even a giant section for kids.

There are tons of big and intense roller coasters that will make you scream until your vocal cords can not produce any more sound. My personal favorite rides were Powder Keg and Outlaw Run because they were the most intense and fastest rides in the park. The coasters had massive drops that would make your stomach drop and your eyes open wide. Even the kid’s section had some fun mini rides to enjoy. Unfortunately, there were many people that had a fast pass which was an additional $100 but many people used it to ride a roller coaster multiple times in a row. This made the wait time go from 15 minutes to over 45 minutes. It was definitely frustrating watching the people in a way rub their money in everyone’s face but on the other hand, the rides made up for that. 

The food was delicious with many options to pick from. After every ride, you could look at pictures of yourself mid-ride, which seemed to make many people laugh and gave many families permanent memories to look at. I enjoyed the fact that I could take a break from the rides and go with my family to wax hands. The old, rustic, and western-themed amusement park was a fun and cool experience and it was crazy to see people’s talents like carving, cooking, and more.

I would recommend this for people who love the feeling of adrenaline and can handle the many loops that roller coasters make. It is meant for a good time, especially when coming with a group of friends or family. It is not for the faint-hearted when it comes to riding all of the big rides. This all counts for my reasoning of four stars for Silver Dollar City.