Unwind at the Lake

The lake can be the perfect place to spend free time over the summer

Katelynn Gibson, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Hot summer days roll around and the lure to be outside grows. Being able to jump off the docks into the water, get thrown off a tube, see how long one can stay up on water skis or even just get a nice tan, the lake holds many activities for everyone. Tubing, canoes, kayaking, water skiing, fishing, paddle boarding, wakeboarding and whitewater rafting are just a few lake activities.
Senior Danielle Hite spends every weekend she can at the lake, and worked at the lake this past summer.
“My favorite thing to do at the lake is chill on the boat because we go boating a lot and to relax and tan,” Hite said. “I normally go with my family because they own the boat.”
Being on the lake can provide a calmness to many, with a fresh breeze, the sound and the feel of water, birds chirping and the smell of the outdoors.
“My favorite thing to do outdoors is take in the nature of it all and appreciate what there is without technology and what school has made it out to be,” Hite said. “So it’s nice to take it in instead of read about it or see it online.”
Hite recommends a few ideas.
“[There are] boat rentals or renting a campsite to easily go swimming,” Hite said. “… There’s paddle boarding and you can rent those around here, [or] even just walking around.”
As a local option for enjoying the lake, Springfield Lake Boathouse has many things to offer.
Lake Springfield is a part of the Springfield Greene County Parks system. Jenny Fillmer Edwards is the public information administrator, spokesperson and conservationist at Lake-Springfield Boathouse.
“Lake Springfield operates the park which is 250 acres of park land adjacent to the lake,” Edwards said. “The lake is managed by City Utilities of Springfield.”
Edwards said they offer a variety of activities, including canoes and boats available for rent.
“The park has several hiking trails, including the Greater Ozark Audubon Trail, the James River Greenway and the Lake Springfield Park Trail,” Edwards said. “Look for abundant wildlife including deer, turkey and waterfowl.”
Even with a variety of activities, some have other ways of having fun at the lake. Sophomore David Swyhart fishes at the lake and said he has been going to there for as long as he can remember.
Whether one is looking to take on water sports or even just relax, there may be something for everyone.
If one is looking for a place to relax in a less crowded area, Swyhart suggests a less populated area.
“Don’t go to a popular lake,” Swyhard said. “Try to find one that’s not as well known because you [may] have more fun.”