Finding Yourself

Get comfortable and learn more about yourself

Throughout high school, students find their spot or “niche” in life. Whether that means being an athlete, an artist or part of a club. However, students do not always know where they belong within themselves. Individuality is hard to come upon, especially when high school sorts students into their groups based on their past or hobbies. Not only that, but interests are always changing. It’s OK for someone to not know where they belong, as it’s all part of the process. Every day, students learn more about themselves, but accepting who they are is most crucial in life. Finding out who they are and what they want to do with the rest of their lives starts with picking the right group or environment for them. This choice is especially prominent in seniors, where their choice comes down to a more privatized or larger school. See page 9 to learn whether a private or public college is right for you.
Students often place their worth in how well they perform within sports, however, many accept that their abilities are stronger elsewhere. See pages 25 and 26 to learn about spring athletes. Others prefer to be out in nature or participating in water sports instead of falling victim to a fear of missing out, which is explored on pages 11-12. See page 23 for more fun lake activities. Recently, a larger amount of beliefs have shown up within society, such as zodiac signs. Many individuals choose to trust the set personalities or actions that are put in place due to their star signs — whether one is a Capricorn or a Scorpio may determine if they like chocolate ice cream or pecan, or if they are friendly or malevolent. See page 22 for more information regarding zodiac signs.
Learning to love who one is and what they are capable of is meaningful. It’s always important to find the value within oneself. Find yourself, and embrace every part of yourself.

The Wingspan Editorial Board is comprised of Katelynn Gibson, Gracie Schwarz, Braden Dennis, Darby Allen and Eli Dean.