A Year Of Reflections

After an eventful school year, students and teachers have a lot to say.


Darby Allen, Design Editor

Freshman Taylor Hopper

Question: What was your favorite part of this school year?
Answer: “My favorite part of this school year was hands down basketball season. I love our family, I love the relationships I made, I never went a day without laughing. I really love the environment,” Hopper said.

Question: What do you hope to do next school year?
Answer: “I just hope to keep excelling through school and to keep learning. I can’t wait to grow more as I experience more things and use my knowledge now to get through those learning experiences,” Hopper said.

Sophomore Ariana Atkinson

Question: How was this school year different than last school year?
Answer: “It felt a lot faster than my freshman year but I also had more fun this year,” Atkinson said. “I had a lot more opportunities this year and I found more things that I really enjoyed doing.”

Question: What is something you wish you did differently this school year?
Answer: “I wish I stayed on top of my math grades and homework more and got help when I needed it,” Atkinson said. “My least favorite part of this year was doing math and I wish I could have worked a little harder,” Atkinson said.

Junior Zan Fugitt

Question: What is something you’re glad you did this school year?
Answer: “I’m happy we went to the wrestling Walsheim Man tournament. It was really fun and that’s something I’m happy that we did,” Fugitt said.

Question: What was your least favorite part of the school year?
Answer: “My least favorite part of the school year was probably the end of state when I realized all my friends are leaving because they’re seniors,” Fugitt said.

Senior Dallin Attwooll

Question: How did this school year go for you?
Answer: “I have really enjoyed my senior year,” Attwooll said. “My courses, teachers, peers, and activities are all great. I have attended Nixa Public Schools since kindergarten, so this year is extra special for me. I’m tying all the loose knots on 13 years of Nixa education.”

Question: How was this school year different from last year?
Answer: There has been a lot of focus on planning for the future during this school year. The applications for colleges and scholarships are ending. It can be difficult to balance that with my senior year course load,” Attwooll said.

College Freshman Rosalyn Schuster

Question: What’s something you’re happy that you did this school year?
Answer: “Something that I am happy that I did this year was join my residents hall student government organization,” Schuster said. “It gave me a great opportunity to get involved with campus as well as to meet a lot of new friends.”

Question: What’s something you wish you did differently this school year?
Answer: “Something I wish I had done differently would have been to get more involved with one of the student design teams on campus,” Schuster said. “I joined one at the beginning of the year, but things got busy and I stopped going to meetings and missed out on some cool opportunities.”

History Teacher George Villanueva 

Question: What’s something you’re happy you did this school year?
Answer: “I made the move to the high school,” Villanueva said. “I love love the faculty, teachers, relationships I left behind at the junior high but I’m meant to teach high school, so I’m happy I made the move.”

Question: What’s something you hope to do differently next school year?
Answer: “I want to reflect on my lessons and the curriculum,” Villanueva said. “I’m now teaching and making changes to get my students more engaged. I can’t wait to come back next year and do it better.”