Sweet Surprises

The Bird House operates as a student-run business, with money going to plans for the future


Carlie Peters

“People come to the Bird House so they can kind of get out of the cafeteria for a little bit,” said Madison Madura.

Down the hallway by the library is a room with deep red and gray walls and the faint smell of popcorn. The Bird House is a student ran café that operates during lunch. It sells an assortment of snacks, ranging in price from 50 cents to $1.50.
Sophomore and marketing manager of the Bird House Madison Madura said she joined the Bird House in order to gain experience in business management.
“My favorite thing to do in the Bird House is probably making all of the marketing posts,” Madura said. “… I like to get on Canva and make posters and Instagram posts.”
Students who work in the Bird House are a part of the business management class. Senior Noah Briggs said working in the Bird House teaches social skills and how to interact with others.
“You have to be respectful towards the customer and their product that they are buying,” Briggs said.
The student-run nature of the Bird House allows students to learn how a business is run through hands-on practice.
“I enjoy that we have some of our own freedoms to do what we think would be best for the Bird House,” Briggs said
A self funded business, the Bird House funds allow for FBLA students to go to nationals and DECA students to go to internationals.
Business teacher Jordan Burns said they would like to make it a coffee shop that is open all day long in conjunction with the library.
“The library is how you would then enter the Bird House,” Burns said. “That’s been a plan that’s been in the works for a while, but it hasn’t happened yet.”