REVIEW: New Scooter’s coffee shop pleases


Brycen Osborne

Scooter’s Coffee

   The newest addition added to Nixa has been Scooters Coffee. A small, drive-thru coffee shop situated on West Mt. Vernon Street. I noticed the sudden increase of fellow students carrying cups sporting the Scooters logo. I decided to see if Scooters was worth getting. 

   To start off, I am not a fan of coffee. I dislike the bitter flavor, the awful aftertaste, and the putride coffee breath. The only time I visit a coffee shop is for the non-coffee items. Thankfully, the menu was full of non-coffee items. From hot and cold drinks all the way to sandwiches and burritos. 

   The drive-thru concept was very convenient. At the time, it was single digits outside with snow covered roads. Not having to leave the warmth of my car was great. 

   The wait time was surprisingly short. For a popular place, the workers could be bogged down with long lines and constant orders from customers. With that and only two or three staff members, I really expected to be waiting at least 10 minutes. 

   The workers had smiles and happily greeted me. They seemed happy to be there and gave off good vibes. I would say that my overall wait time was around five minutes. The Scooters workers exceeded my expectations greatly.

   My order consisted of a black iced tea with a ham and cheese sandwich. The ham and cheese was very good; much better than breakfast sandwiches I have had before. The black tea went well with the sandwich.

   Now, some criticism. This is not something the business is doing wrong but it is an inconvenience. The turn in for Scooters, if you are on West Mt. Vernon Street, is very difficult to see. I pulled into Gettin’ Basted thinking that is how I got to Scooters. There is no little sign or anything so it is just tucked away. 

   Another thing is that the parking could be bigger. I do not want to be driving around while trying to drink or eat something. Again, it is not something that Scooters could control but it is something to consider. 

   My overall experience with Scooter’s Coffee was very positive. I highly enjoyed their menu options and their service. I would definitely go again. I recommend Scooters for anyone who needs a quick pick-me-up.