Students Plan Summer Travel


Deliliah Neff

Sophomore Thomasina Brown poses for a picture during school spirit week. The theme for the day was Twin Day.

Deliliah Neff, Contributing Writer

   Summer is rapidly approaching with irregular warm weather days, it’s time to start thinking about summer plans. Whether you’re going on vacation or staying at home and watching TV, it’s interesting how people plan on spending their summer vacation. Sophomore Thomasina Brown has big plans this upcoming summer vacation. 

“I’m going to Florida for a wedding and then Arkansas,” Brown said. 

   To have a summer vacation planned is a big commitment. Because it’s summer vacation, obviously you’re out of school. However, you have to plan around things like summer school or your parents’ jobs. Yet, if you’re like Brown, you can plan a getaway that doesn’t require parental supervision. 

   “I’ve only had the Arkansas trip planned for a week or two,” Brown said. “I’m attending a summer camp at German Brown University. I’ll be staying in the dorms for a week. It’s a criminology camp.” 

   She’ll be staying in the dorms on campus, but there will be other fun activities while at camp.

   “I think there will be some off campus tours and stuff. We’ll probably tour the police station since it’s a criminology camp.”

As mentioned before, Brown is going to Florida for a wedding. While she’s not exactly looking forward to the actual wedding portion, she’s looking forward to the rest of the trip 

   “(I’m excited about) just being on the beach,” Brown said. “It’s warm. I’ve been to the beach before and it’s super relaxing. I’m excited to get a tan too because I’m super pale right now.” 

   Another thing that Brown is excited about is the different food that she will get to eat that may not necessarily be here.

   “One of the nights we are in Florida we’re going to a super fancy restaurant for the wedding,” Brown said. “One thing that my family likes to do is to eat only at local restaurants when we’re traveling rather than going to a chain restaurant. It gets us experienced in new foods and knowledgeable in different cultures.”