Boys Tennis Team Anticipates Full Season

   The Boys’ Tennis season consist of a 7-8 week long time period and they will play around 1-4 matches/tournament in one week. The Boys work the whole season for COC and the top varsity boys will get the chance to compete in. 

   Coming into the 2021-2022 Head Coach Slade Snowden felt confident on this season. 

  “I knew we were going to have a pretty good season, we were expecting 4 of our 6 varsity players to return,” said Snowden. “We graduated our top 2 players which can be hard to fill.”

   Knowing that the top 2 seeds were gone, the Nixa Boys’ Tennis Team was going to have to step up their game and work for those spots. Luckily this season they got a lot of new players that have stepped in and are doing big things already. 

  “What was surprising was we got a great foreign exchange student, Alvaro Louro, to come in and take the top varsity spot and Carson Palmer, first year on the team, was a surprise to many and is our number 2 seed,” said Snowden. 

   They have continued to show how they help the tennis team and have helped the boys have a record of 8-3 so far on the season. The Boys have 5 more matches this season and then the Varsity Boys will finish off with the COC. The top 6 varsity boys will play every match and the rest will all depend if the team they are going against will have enough players. Say a school doesn’t have enough, the JV will still get a chance to play in JV tournaments but most schools usually do have enough. Everyone who plays tennis will have mixed feeling about it but Slade Snowden talks about his favorite thing about tennis.

  “I love the game as a whole, I enjoy seeing the growth of the athletes over the season. I like how tennis is an individual sport and team sport at the same time.”