Fishing Team Competes this Spring

David Swyhart, Contributing Writer

   The start of spring brings the start of the Fishing season in Missouri. And with that, comes the Nixa Fishing team. The fishing team competes in tournaments with other high school teams. And Freshman, Austin VanFosson is a member of the Nixa Fishing team.

   “ I have been on the team for 2 years and I would say my favorite part is meeting new people and learning new things about the sport,” VanFosson said.

   Given what weather and what time of the year are given, the team will be more active.

   “Every so often, we have scheduled meetings and NYFA (National Youth Fishing Association) 3and a 4th qualification tournament, but it really depends on the season. We also compete in tournaments,” VanFosson said.

   The Nixa fishing team is also a good learning experience for people who want to learn more about fishing.

   “We have informational meetings where they teach us new tactics and different ways to fish in different environments,” VanFosson said.

   VanFosson really likes the fishing team and has nothing he doesn’t like about the team.

   “I have nothing negative to say about it, but I really enjoy all the aspects and adventures of being a part of the team,” VanFosson said.

    All in all, VanFosson thinks that people who are interested in fishing should try the fishing team.

   “Yes, I recommend joining but there are qualifications that you have to meet. At the beginning of the year, they have a meeting that you will go to to sign up,” VanFosson said.