Friendships at the center of district band

Emma Dixon, Contributing Writer

   District band is a selected group of band members that come together to perform in hopes of becoming All-State. The band brings people together, showcases responsibilities and allows players to showcase their talents. 

   Senior Zoey Boyd, band member, said she made new friendships her first year at Nixa.

   “It’s a really good bonding experience throughout the other band members, especially since I’m new here. It was kinda hard to get along with some of the other band kids,” Boyd said. 

   Assistant band director Erika O’Bryant said she sees bonding between students from other schools during auditions.

   “You do meet a lot of other people that’s one of the fun things about going and rehearsing is, you know, you sit in between students from other schools and get to know them,” O’Bryant said.

   O’Bryant said she prepares the district music a school year in advance for auditions.

   “We have the music now for next year. Some students start at the beginning of summer, some students started at the beginning of the school year, like back in August, and some students started two weeks beforehand,” O’Bryant said. 

   Boyd said she practices her trombone regularly.

   “I bring my instrument home usually every weekend. I’ll practice at least every weekend and I usually practice one to two times throughout the week,” Boyd said. “I usually stay after school but I also have three band classes so I practice for those too.”