Preparation leads to district band distinction


2022 District Band members

   Twenty-three Nixa high school students participated and made it into the district band. The Assistant  Band director Erika O’Bryant is the main director of the district band.

   “District band auditions are opened to grades 9-12th, and they are blind auditions,” O’Bryant said. “When they come into the audition room there are a set of judges, the students are instructed not to speak and not to make any sounds so that they can get the fairest and most accurate score on their playing.” 

   Senior auditioner Elijah Bartels said he had to prepare and commit with his clarinet to show up to auditions. He started practicing in early August. 

   “I had to memorize eight chromatic scales, and they picked three chromatic scales during the audition,” Bartels said. 

   Bartels made it to all-state, a state-wide band competition that is performing this December. These kinds of opportunities are helping him prepare for college auditions when he graduates. For more information about district and all state bands contact Erika O’Bryant.