Club cheer ramps up

Makaela Wentworth, Contributing Writer

At Nixa High School and Gold Medal Gyms, the cheer coaches and athletes are ready for the new active season, which takes place in late fall and early winter. 

Gold Medal Gyms cheer coach Lindsey Bocklage has been cheering for over 10 years. 

“I’ve had a lifelong passion for cheerleading since I started at 7 and it just kind of turned into a career,” Bocklage said. 

Competitive cheer is a highly priced sport to play. 

“The average cost of uniforms … about $400-$450. The shoes about $100. [Bows] about $35,” Bocklage said. “[Competitions cost] anywhere from about $60 to $150, depends on the event.”

Freshman cheerleader Crisalyn Lilleskau prefers competitive cheer over school cheer. 

“You don’t get the adrenaline rush like you do in competitive cheer… I like that we all get to bond together,” Lillaskau said. 

Freshman cheerleader America Kuse says her coaches make the cheer squad outstanding. 

“My coaches, they’re really good at giving us tips and fixing anything that’s wrong and just being a part of the team,” Kuse said. “The coaches are like your friends.”

Kuse said she loves her relationship with her school cheer team. 

“We solve issues quickly. If you’re starting with a stunt or something, a lot of the time we fix it. So we communicate, and bond well,” Kuse said.

Competitive cheer uniforms are commonly more comfortable than school cheer uniforms.

“A lot of girls think they’re uncomfortable, which they are uncomfortable because uniforms are like that, but I think they’re just generally fun to wear, and even though they can be a little uncomfortable it’s fun to wear it and express the school spirit,” Kuse said.