Coffee club focuses on friendships

Nathan Brewer, Contributing Writer

   To help students and others and form friendships, FACS teacher Cambria Crabtree is running a coffee club at the Nixa High School at 2:32 pm on Wednesdays.

   One of the reasons that Crabtree is running this coffee club is to try and bring others together.

   “The number one reason to bring others together is by eating food,” Crabtree said.

   Crabtree originally started the coffee club at the junior high school. The reason Crabtree moved from junior high school to high school was that a spot opened up for FACS teaching. There was a spot at the junior high school to teach FACS. 

   “But I would rather teach at the high school than the junior high school,” Crabtree said.

   She said she loves the kids and the atmosphere is way better at the high school. The coffee with Crabtree club averages 15 people every Wednesday. Crabtree said she would like for this group to grow. 

   “I would like for it to get to two a week instead of one,” Crabtree said.

   This coffee club is year-round and she said she would like for lots more people to join and be a part of her club.

   Junior Cordell Lewis said the Crabtree coffee club is welcoming.

   “The coffee club is my favorite part of my day on Wednesday and it is a very welcoming and warming place,” Lewis said.

   Lewis has also invited his friends to join the coffee club and he said they are closer now than ever before because of it. Lewis also said he wishes the Crabtree coffee club would have started sooner because he loves it so much. One of Lewis’s favorite things to eat and drink in the coffee club is hot chocolate and a bag of Doritos. 

   “I love my hot chocolate,” Lewis said.

   Crabtree said all students are welcome to join her with coffee.

“This is a warm and welcoming place and I would love others to join I would love to see this club grow and grow,” said Crabtree.