Longer Thanksgiving break is welcomed

Thanksgiving break was extended this year to a whole week. This decision was made after the community of Nixa and the staff at Nixa Schools was surveyed and the majority picked a whole week off. 

Jenney Myler, freshman counselor at Nixa High School, said she  liked this decision and how it allowed staff and students at Nixa to have more quality time with their families and will prevent them from missing school if they travel for the Thanksgiving break.   

“I think yes, and the reason why I believe this to be true is I think a lot of people travel for Thanksgiving, so instead of taking absences they are allowed to have flexibility with their travel or time with their family,” Myler said.

Myler said she was glad for the extended break so that students could have some mental health relaxation. 

“It’s a good point in the year to have some time to go re-set with stress and everything,” Myler said.  

 Vitaily Pulber, a biology teacher and girls basketball coach, liked the break and thought it was a good resting point for students. 

“Yes, students are absent so it’s hard to move on in teaching for teachers,” Pulber said. 

Pulber said he thought that athletes and coaches benefitted from the break because they got more rest time and plan time.

“We do benefit, because we can actually focus on sports and not teaching and sports, and sometimes it’s hard,” Pulber said.