Foreign Exchange Students Make Themselves a Temporary Home in Nixa

  New Faces from Denmark, Spain, France and more can be found in the hallways of Nixa High School.

  Emma Elizabeth Mylund Christoffersen, from Hadsten, Denmark, is a student at Nixa High School this year for the foreign exchange student program. 

Foreign exchange students typically spend a year abroad to learn about the culture.  “This is my first time being an exchange student ever, and I have been in the U.S for three months now,” Christoffersen said.

In Denmark compared to Missouri, the seasons, temperature, and many other things have a big difference. 

  “You can see how it snows, and how you can see the fall, it’s just such a difference,” Christoffersen said. 

During Christmas, being away from the holidays can remind some of home. 

   “We have a lot of traditions, we will go outside and cut the tree, and put the star, and sing, and walk around it,” Christoffersen said. 

Many things can be shared from different parts of the world by bringing traditions and culture.

    “There are a lot of traditions that I am used to that I don’t get to experience here, but then I can show them, like show how we celebrate in Denmark,” Christoffersen said.  

     Nuna Matala, is from Vigo, Spain, and a senior student this year at Nixa High School. 

   This year, for many foreign exchange students, it is very crucial that they have a great host family.

 “I think that the most important thing is the family, and who is going to take care of you, and the people that will become your second family,” Matala said. 

  Inès Abraham, from Bordeaux, France, said her experiences so far during the school year are different to school in France. 

   “The relation with the teachers is totally different; I can talk to easily and they are always there if I need anything,” Abraham said.

For more information about foreign exchange student opportunities, visit the counselors office.